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We’ve always been too polite, by appealing to politicians to do the right thing, … appealing to their conscience and hoping they’d come around even when the evidence suggested they wouldn’t. We went too far into the realm of educating the public and ceded the field of politics to the NRA. That was disastrous for us.

Ladd Everitt
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
May 2013
This Is How the NRA Ends: A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived
[The NRA ends? They just set a new record for annual meeting attendance. They had over 86,000 show up. The anti-gun organizations are run on shoestring budgets with unpaid interns.

The problem they have trying to educate the public is that the more educated the public becomes the more apparent it becomes that the anti-gun side is wrong.

The problem they have with politics is that just a single political organization on our side has 5 million members (the NRA). And there are others, such as the CCRKBA, which have hundreds of thousands of members. None of their organizations have dues paying members. Their “biggest” organization has a mailing list of 25 to 50 thousand. The politicians respect votes and little else. The anti-gun people cannot deliver the votes and hence the political field is “challenging” for the anti-gun people as well.

Gun control advocates are too polite?

Ah yes, I remember now:

I wonder what Everitt thinks the proper response should be.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ladd Everitt

  1. Is it paranoid to worry their campaign to be less polite means they’ll escalate the rhetoric to action?

  2. “Educating the public”? The NRA has Eddie Eagle and teaches new shooters — what does CSGV do other than whinge and threaten?

    • +1 Their notion of “education” is to trot out the same tired, old, biased surveys by Wintermute and other discredited sources. Occasionally, if they can find someone to sponsor it, they’ll do another agenda-driven study to support a preprogrammed end result. Of course when real numbers come in from the NIJ, FBI, or other reasonably authoritative source, they do their best to bury their heads in the sand.

      Their agenda only works if they can rely on knee-jerk extreme emotion – facts only hurt their cause.

  3. Let’s see. We HAVE the Guns, they DON’T. To get our Guns, they need People with Guns to take them by Force. But if they can’t use Firearms against us, what do they have? A News Statement? Idiots.

    • They are OK with the police having guns, because they somehow believe that they will be in control of the police. Evidence of history isn’t their strong suit…. Not quite sure WHAT their strong suit is, now that I think about it, past whining, lying, hate, and victim-hood, which are not really GOOD things.

      • Remember, their religion (Marxism) tells them history is “on their side”.

    • Don’t kid yourself, alot of them DO have guns, it’s just us ‘little people’ who shouldn’t have them……

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  5. I’ve spent time at HuffPo at that article pointing out the stupidity of the various gun banner commenters. The pro-gun side is wiping the floor with them.

    I understand its fruitless, but it reduces stress.

    • Yes but they are the ones who have opened their mouths and inserted foot, and shoving it in until they choke on it can be such fun!

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