13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paul J. Chambers

  1. If you can, tell this wundermensch that his free speech and everyone else’s could either end OR be defended at the point of a gun, and his side wants to be the only one having guns to point, so where does that put HIM as being a defender of free speech? He’ll need a hint or five, so remind him that when only the Left has guns, free speech is gone, gone, gone.

  2. Funny how that guy is thinking about dicks. Maybe has some underlying need to come clean about something.

  3. Paul J Chambers is mesmerized—He’s regurgitating someone else’s talking points with no ability to back them up. Ask him to explain any part of it and he’ll get angry and redirect the conversation.

    Free speech is needed? Why?
    Guns are not needed? Explain. Use examples.
    Dick extensions? Cite examples, and explain why women carry guns.

    As gratuitous assertions, each can be equally as gratuitously denied. But that’s not the point. The point is; this person is under a form of hypnosis– He believes things without knowing why. Further; nearly every one of us has been in this type of situation at one time or another. For on thing; any form of bigotry (and Chambers is definitely exhibiting bigotry) is a form of hypnosis— It’s a firm, vehemently defended position that cannot be rationally explained. Ask for such an explanation and the person will get angry or frustrated and/or resort to ad hominem retorts.

    The big question then is; how do you de-hypnotize someone? How do you get them back in touch with objectivity? Or; are we ourselves in touch with objective reality, or do we merely have a state of conditioning that better mimics objectivity?

  4. Comes the Second Revolution, Lyle, there won’t be time for these damaged people to have lengthy periods of psychotherapy. They will have to choose, on the spot, whether they are willing to fight for Liberty, or not. At that point, all that will remain to do is to form the final question to them in terms they can understand.

    • I agree with you for the most part. Point is; they don’t have a choice. The world is full of zombies. Bots. Individual sleeper cells who don’t know they’re sleeper cells. They may not fight in the traditional sense, but give one a laser designator (in the metaphorical or the litteral sense) and they’ll be painting targets in a heartbeat. They’re the French citizens during W.W. II who’d turn you in for speaking out against the occupying Germans or for harboring Jews, and they’ll be proud to do it.. They are right here among us in our ranks and they don’t know it.

    • Tiny statements can sometimes do amazing things. One of my friends open carries all the time. You know there are millions of people who are conditioned to question someone open carrying, or to fear or and even hate them reflexively. When questioned directly about it, he now responds very simply; “Because bad things can happen anywhere.” That’s all. No further discussion. It’s been known to work wonders. That’s the sort of thing I mean, as opposed to lengthy periods of psychotherapy. Most of psychiatry is pure nonsense anyway.

      What makes that simple statement a good one, all by itself? First and foremost it has no appeal to emotion, opinion or to social or political affiliation whatsoever. Secondarily, it is undeniable.

      • I may have to start using that when asked about OC. That said, it’s very, very rare that someone asks why I’m OC’ing. Most folks don’t care or mind at all.

  5. Reporting another error. Seems to be on MLM? Anyone else having problems rendering on Firefox? Works fine in chrome and IE but not in FF on two separate machines.

  6. It never ceases to amuse me how much time anti-gun folks spend thinking about my dick. I don’t spend any time at all thinking about theirs.

  7. You know, I think it’s homophobia for the statists to be so obsessed with our dicks and dick substitutes. They fear the gun, the dick is a substitute for the gun, they are really fearing the dick. ergo, homophobia.

    • Might could be. In any case it is certainly a major obsession with sex.

      Actually I believe it’s as much a result of mind control/herd behavior as anything. The left can’t argue principles or they lose everywhere, every single time, and so as a whole they must promote ad hominem arguments, and sexual insults are as old as the hills in that department.

      The exact subset of behavior was on parade with regard to Sarah Palin. She’s a slut, don’t you know. Any enemy of the left (anyone or anything that comes too close to exposing the bare truth) is a [insert a sexual insult]. What else does the left have, after all? Ad hominem and brute force. Oh; and lies. So that’s three things (but ad hominem is a subset of lies). Can you think of any others?

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