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The only focus and obvious intention of releasing the search warrants is to focus the narrative on the firearms instead of the actual legitimate questions about the murderer and his history and things that can actually be evaluated and fixed without endangering the rest of us in the process.

But this did not stop the media from talking about a ‘startling arsenal’ which consisted of only a few firearms and a mediocre amount of ammunition.

The media has apparently once again changed the definition of ‘arsenal’ to be 6 firearms, since that is all that was found. 1 shotgun, 3 rifles (two of which were bolt action) and 2 pistols. If this is an arsenal, than just about every gun owner in the state possess an armory.

Already we have reporters talking about ‘hundreds’ of rounds of .22LR ammunition, when .22LR ammunition is most commonly sold in its smallest divisions in 550 round boxes. In actuality, there were only 1026 rounds of center-fire rounds of ammunition, spread across 7 different types of firearms, 161 of those were shotgun shells.  Over 300 rounds of the ammunition were calibers that there was not even a matching firearm for, and therefore they had no way of utilizing.

This is hardly an ‘arsenal’ or shocking. In fact, most shooting sports enthusiasts would go through this amount of ammunition in a normal day at the range, although it would likely be a short day at the range.

Richard Burgess
Connecticut Carry, Inc
March 28th, 2013
Newtown Massacre Search Warrants Released — Governor Malloy uses redacted, pointed release to further his agenda
[I carry over 1000 rounds of center-fire pistol ammo to the range in a small can for a typical practice session. I probably won’t shoot it all in one session but 1000 rounds, even of center-fire ammo, just isn’t that much. The smallest quantity of components for reloading I purchase is on the order 2500 to 5000 depending on the component.

The media outlets that report things this way either have crap for brains or an evil agenda to trample on the rights of gun owners. Having dealt with some of them I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now and call it crap for brains.

The complete irrelevance of the mainstream media can’t come too soon for me.—Joe]


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  1. Thanks Joe. We are getting some serious national attention over here which is resulting in some serious hate and plenty of death threats from the anti-rights cultists for telling the truth about one of their idols.


    We won’t back down and we won’t be swayed by bullies with disarmament agendas. We may have lost our legislative fight in Connecticut, but Connecticut Carry is still working as we always have to roll back our rights and move the line of liberty forward in what used to be in the Constitution State.

    Since their idol, Neil Heslin, came from Connecticut and gained his traction in lobbying in Connecticut where our lobbyists were still too weak to stop him, we only felt it was fair for us to ‘take one for the team’ and give the rest of the nation a way to repel anti-rights lobbyist Neil Heslin’s lies.

    We will now be putting effort in to expose the anti-rights cultists who contacted us as the extremely violent fringe radicals that they are. We could use any help we can get in publicizing these nut cases and their vitriol for all the world to see.

    Connecticut may no longer be the Constitution State, but there are still good people fighting the fight behind enemy lines here. Please don’t count us out just yet.

    In Liberty,
    Rich Burgess
    Connecticut Carry

    Hate: http://ctcarry.com/Document/Download/269ea31a-e6c1-45e5-8c43-a3f4a3976bf3

    Death threats: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFRp0iZVQJNv1ptkckDOMfDkuIUmwX0ne

    • Mr Burgess, I wish you luck in dealing with all those anti’s in that once great state known as CT. What that state has become is absolutely amazing to me and others who once lived there. As for the death threats, well I hope you carry 24/7 as we all know that some of the far left loons will go to great lengths to to attack those they don’t agree with. Some of those recordings you posted should be investigated by law enforcement asap, if they aren’t already. They are indeed death threats. Good luck to you sir, and keep up the good fight in that liberal stronghold known as CT.

  2. The media outlets that report things this way either have crap for brains or an evil agenda to trample on the rights of gun owners. Having dealt with some of them I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now and call it crap for brains.

    Personally, having not dealt with any of the media and having to base my opinions on the few I have, unfortunately, been forced to watch when someone else had control of the remote, my opinion of the media would strongly lean towards “both” of your analyses. Its not about news, its about spin, agenda, and generating emotional responses that keep people watching (increasing ratings, which ultimately mean money). My opinion of the media, whether “news” or print, is actually lower than that of lawyers and politicians in general. I’m sure there are exceptions that are decent human beings (as there are the occasional lawyer/politicians), but I have yet to meet any.

  3. I dealt directly with the media for several years as the media frontman for the Sheriff’s Marine Patrol here. They are NOT dumb, know their “5 W’s”, and do concise stories/articles.

    Take the second choice, Joe.

    • There is media, and then there is Big Media. A lot of the local stuff is not too bad, just ignorant, but the larger the market (i.e., the more metropolitan) the farther left and the more “already know the [narrative-driven] facts, just give me the sound-bite” they get. Every news story I’ve ever seen that I’ve had first-hand knowledge of (or solid second-hand), the media story has been at best woefully incomplete, even given the constraints of print word limits, but usually getting significant or even essential facts wrong.

    • The way it used to be, rookies got the crime beat. I dont’ know if newspapers still work like that.

    • And, Rivrdog, those folks will never climb any higher in their profession. Why? Because they’re doing the wrong job.

  4. In describing the media, you left out “innumerate.” To most reporters. “thousands” of anything is an inconceivably large number, way more of [whatever] than anyone should have. –And they store their reports about these “enormous stockpiles of thousands of rounds of ammunition” on multi-Terabyte drives. –Ask ’em if that’s larger or smaller than a Gigabyte; the ones who get it right will work it out historically (“We had Gigabyte drives and they replaced them with Tera… Or is that a brand name?”).

    It makes them even easier for anti-gun pols to lead around by the nose. The reporters don’t even have to hate guns (though that’s a plus for the Feinsteins and Schumers), just find them scary and lack the mental tools to get a clear notion of scale.

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