Quote of the day—Sen. Richard Blumenthal

There is nothing celebratory about the fact that two brothers suspected of planting bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon a few weeks ago were able to get a gun without a proper permit. This gun was used to kill a police officer.

Despite these morbid realities, the NRA is still celebrating this weekend in the Lone Star State, slowly but surely consigning itself to irrelevance as Americans continue to pressure Congress to do something about gun violence weeks after the Senate’s failure to pass the gun violence prevention bill.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal
May 3, 2013
There’s Nothing To Celebrate: NRA’s Celebratory Atmosphere At National Conference Is Disgusting
[Proper permit? Perhaps legislation should be passed that requires “a proper permit” before high school students can purchase recreation drugs like beer and cigarettes. Blumenthal is a blooming idiot if he does not understand the realities of economics and black markets in a quasi-free society. Or alternatively he is desirous of implementing a tyrannical police state. I can see no other alternatives. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and declare him an idiot.

Would it be disgusting if the NAACP and ADL celebrated defeating legislation that would required background checks before their members could get permits to be on public streets after dark? Surely it’s just “common sense” that we don’t want people like that “on the streets” unless they have permission from the government. Right?

Wrong. We are talking about specific enumerated rights. Requiring government permission to exercise a right is to deny that it is a right. And the thing that is disgusting is that we had to even have a debate, let alone a fight, about recognizing that right.

It’s Senator Blumenthal and the anti-freedom people he supports that are consigning themselves to irrelevance. Over 86,000 people showed up at the NRA annual meeting and the NRA has a membership of over 5,000,000. How many show up at the gun control annual meetings? About 50 to 100 for the nations largest anti-gun group. The entire email list of the Brady Campaign is only about 50,000. The Brady Campaign doesn’t even have “members” in the sense that the NRA does.

No matter how you look at what Blumenthal has to say it’s clear he is unfit to hold public office. Instead he should be on the street corner handing out free copies of CPUSA newsletters. It would be more philosophically in alignment with his politics than being a member of the U.S. Senate.—Joe]


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  1. Maybe we’re making a tactical error, here. Maybe we should stop talking about enumerated rights and instead reinforce the fact — repeat FACT — that the Constitution is a document intended to LIMIT the powers of GOVERNMENT. There’s a Gantt chart in this. A dot in the middle of the page — the powers of the state — surrounded entirely by a circle so big it bleeds off the page — the rights of the people.

    Maybe we should stop talking about “First Amendment Rights” and “Second Amendment Rights” and start talking about “Ninth Amendment Rights.”


    • Gantt chart or Venn diagram? In any case, the problem is that for many on the left, that fact is not only irrelevant, its a problem that needs to be fixed, because they think that limiting the power of government is a BAD thing, because it prevents them from doing what they perceive as being GOOD things. They just don’t get the downside.

  2. I’d point out another fact, Joe. MA has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation – certainly in the top five – and yet it still couldn’t prevent someone on public assistance from getting a gun. He didn’t undergo any background check, he didn’t have a waiting period, he found a criminal willing to illegally transfer a firearm into his possession. And in this case, it truly *was* an illegal gun (the S/N had been obliterated).

  3. “… still celebrating this weekend…”

    Kind of like how Obama jetted off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser before the dead Americans in Benghazi had finished bleeding out?

    • Was the Houston meeting “celebratory” compared to any other year?

  4. Don’t forget that a (probably) fair-sized chunk of that 50,000 on the Brady e-mail list are pro-gun types who are keeping tabs on the actions of their opponents. Like DGUs, there’s no way to definitively tell just how many; most likely go “unreported.”

  5. Does this moron Blumenthal think that all the killings and robberies in Chicago and Detroit etc. are done with permitted guns ? It is the criminal that is guilty you stupid bastard, not the gun !

  6. I note that the respected and honorable* Senator from Connecticut mentioned the bombs and the pistol and the murder of the policeman, but did not mention the deaths by the bombs. This signifies that the death of the cop was more disturbing to him than the many more deaths of non-cop civilians.
    How did this evil anti-liberty person get elected anyway, other than by promising goodies to people by bribing them with their own money. Also, he represents Connecticut, where Senator Dodd introduced the 1968 Gun Control Act, which was copied shamelessly from the Weimar act used to such advantage by Weimar’s successors for 12 years.

    *It is traditional in the Senate to pile on the honorifics as you refer to a colleague before you call him an evil mendacious ass who is out of jail partly because of professional courtesy and partly because the truth hasn’t come out yet.

    • Cops are civilians just like us, unless you’re talking about MPs. I thought we had dispensed with such language here. Otherwise your points are excellent.

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