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  1. “If you NEED one of these 158 weapons…” Nice. We have a self appointed member of the Need Police with a penis obsession.

    There’s that “weapons of war” thing again too, from the same ideology that attempts to portray almost everything as “the moral equivalent of war”. Yes, Lefty, the second amendment is in part about war and as such it protects the right to keep and bear military arms. If you’re afraid of that fact, one has to question your alliances.

    With the handle, “Lefty” I have to wonder if this is satire, but then the left is often the very best mockery of itself.

  2. Yeah, now that I’ve re-read the Bill of Needs, I suddenly feel a moral obligation to bend over and take it up the exhaust pipe from anyone who does not feel the moral obligation to become a target/victim. /sarc

    Its a Bill of Rights, moron. Need has nothing to do with it. Its my right, the exact same way the 1st Amendment protects my Right to send emails without a .gov agency opening and parsing every word for hidden nuance. Founding Fathers could not have envisioned text messages, yet they are protected. The same protections (should) extend to semi-auto (and full auto) weapons with the 2nd Amendment. So go peddle your fear and quit fixating on the size of my penis! I’m a married heterosexual, so regardless of your gender (and I KNOW this isn’t my wife posting, as she both knows the size and composition, and is a gun owner herself), its unwelcome.

    • Actually, the best name for the first 10 amendments would be the “Bill of Prohibitions”. Its primary subject is what the government is prohibited from doing. (Thanks, Neil Smith.)
      So the right to arms is not a right granted by the Constitution — all the Constitution does is explicitly prohibit the government from interfering with that right. As the Supreme Court put it (U.S. v. Cruikshank): “…The right there specified is that of bearing arms for a lawful purpose. This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” (Thanks, Neil Schulman.)

  3. Is this person from Massachusetts given the moniker? If so, why is this person not screaming for one of these 158 weapons for protection from terrorists? That is a genuine display of “need” and confirmation of our indisputable “right” to have them. Probably was cowering in the basement as the cops ignored the 4th amendment and will be the first to board the train and go into the showers. Pathetic wimp.

  4. They don’t get it….these weapons were not created for shooting at “targets”.
    They were created for shooting at the enemy…..whatever and wherever
    that enemy may be found. Right now Mordor on the Potomac and the
    Lamestream Media are chock full of enemy’s.

  5. Well, if they are ‘Weapons of War,” then Lefty admits that his Police Forces are now in a State of War with their Citizens. Just look at all the Firepower that the Disarmed Citizens of Massachusetts had to face down during the Boston Bombing Manhunt.

    After all, there should be no other reason for the Police to “NEED” such Firearms unless they are in Combat, correct? After all, according to his Mentors like Biden, all we “NEED” are Double-Barreled Shotguns, correct?

    So, by Lefty’s “Illogic,” such Weapons of War have only one Purpose. And since it looks like his side has “Armed Up,” shouldn’t I do the same, since his side started it with the Publication/War Declaration of “The Communist Manifesto” a 150+years ago?

    Or do the Leftists think such a Display of Police “Penis Size” will Intimidate us?

    They need to look through the “Dustbin of History” and see want happened to the Redcoats when they tried the same thing back in 1775.

    • @Bubblehead Les:

      …and many communist regimes and dictatorships were toppled and consigned to the dustbin of history with their abuse of power despite their monopoly on arms and force.

      However, it was much harder with a disarmed population.

      It was after they had been brutally repressed for decades. Let us not repeat history and go down this path. Never Again! Molon Labe!

  6. Weapons of War = every firearm at some time, knife, bigger knife, sling, club, bigger club, club with a knife on the end, club with a chain on one end, two clubs with chain connecting them, bow & arrow, crossbow, spear, dart,
    and even sharp rocks.

    Accessories of war = dogs, horses, oxen, carts, travois, llamas, bicycles, motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, cars, cars with armor plate, tractors, tractors with armor plate, rowboats, galleys, ships with sails, ships with steam engines, ships with gasoline engines, ships with diesel engines, ships with turbines, hot air balloons, hydrogen filled balloons, helium filled balloons, gliders, powered aircraft, ….

  7. ROFL. He says “weapon of war” like it’s supposed to be an insult.

    What a wuss.

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