Quote of the day—Bill Maher

I’m so sorry, but this is the problem with the gun debate — it is that it’s a constant center-right debate. There’s no left in this debate. Everyone on the left is so afraid to say what should be said, which is the Second Amendment is bullshit. Why doesn’t anyone go at the core of it?

Bill Maher
April 2013
Starting at 2:20 in this video:

[No Bill. The left is bullshit.

And the core of “it” is Molon Labe.

H/T Tyler Durden in Guest Post: The Goal Is To Destroy All Constitutional Culture.—Joe]


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  1. Amen. Never watched him before….definitely never will now. Odd, how someone who is a public speaker seems to think that one Amendment in the Bill of Rights is BS. Once the 2nd is gone, what does he think will keep anyone from attacking the 1st?

  2. He’s delusional. Joe alone has linked to at least three different people who have said that the Second Amendment is antiquated and should be changed or eliminated. Maher once again shows that we have performers on this generation’s version of Vaudeville speaking out of their other gaseous orifice just as Le Petomaine did 100 years ago.

    As for the First Amendment, they don’t have to wait until the Second Amendment is as dead a letter as the Third Amendment to imprison that liberty. The First Amendment is already under attack by “Hate Speech”. If “Hate Speech” is the standard, every speaker is at the mercy of the most easily offended, which will put the end to political speech that McCain-Feingold started.
    Freedom of association has been under attack for almost 50 years. Johnnie Cochran’s law firm can not hire who it pleases, but not Marcia Clark’s.
    Freedom of religion is also under attack as religions that actually stand for something are made to provide all the medical treatments and school curricula as a secular business. It was not mere hyperbole when it was claimed that the language used in the nationalized healthcare bill gave freedom of religion only to what was said on Sunday morning. The Leftists are out to make religion about as relevant and as distinctive as a social club. How much difference is there, among the Moose, the Elks, the Foresters and the Odd Fellows?

    • Johnnie Cochran’s law firm can avoid hiring who it pleases, but not Marcia Clark’s.

  3. If that AssHat Maher had to go through HALF of what the American Citizen does under Today’s Gun Laws to enjoy his First Amendment Rights, the only Microphone he’d be talking into would be the one that he’d be using to ask “Do you want Fries with that?”

  4. I agree with Maher on this much; we need to be going at the core of it. I’ve been making that case for years. We stick to the very basics, the core of it, and we win. Self defense as inseparable from the right to life and the right to self determination. Collectivism (i. e. communism) verses human rights.

    Yes, please. Let’s go at the core of it. No more subterfuge, no more nitpicking, no more claims that gun restrictions are about crime and safety, no more innuendo, no more smear tactics. No more blaming innocent gun owners for the crimes of a miniscule few nut bags. No more lies. Just tell us you want to rule us like cattle. Let’s have that argument. But the left is a bunch of sniveling cowards and never will face it. I agree with Maher on that also.

  5. Yeah, but I already knew that Maher was a worthless asshat.

    The shocking thing for me there was Stockman. (Well, “shocking”.) If anyone needed any further proof that the supposed “left” and “right” are actually both just different paths on the same end of the “statist / antistatist” scale, there it is.

    Fuck that guy.

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  7. It says a lot about the liberal mindset that they would even think that the star of “Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death” should speak for their cause with any meaning or even coherency. I’d give him about as much notice as such a starring turn might be worth: zero.

  8. I don’t understand why these people who can’t handle the responsibility of having individual rights, don’t move somewhere where there aren’t any. Problem solved.

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  10. “I don’t understand why these people who can’t handle the responsibility of having individual rights, don’t move somewhere where there aren’t any.”

    I wondered that my self from time to time. The answer is pretty simple. It can be found in the basic tenet (which is a lie) of communism; “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

    You get more stuff by asserting your need. You assert your need by asserting your status as victim. Victims need perpetrators from which the goodies are coerced. And so it’s very simple; if you’re in the business of looting, you go where there is the most wealth to be looted. That’s the U.S.

    You also want to go where your material and moral opposition is strongest, because it has to be degraded as much as possible so you can keep up your looting program. You go the United States. A strong U.S. has been a thorn in the side of communists for generations and that has been their focus.

    Cuba, North Korea, et al are already tapped out. There’s no more to be gained in those places.

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