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The one topic Sol cannot talk about are the Jewish overseers: the Judenrat, and the Kapos, Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. Of these men and women, Sol just shakes his head in disbelief. The evil of the Nazis is comprehensible for evil is ever present. But the Jews who cooperated in the genocide of their own people is beyond imagination.

The Judenrat and kapos are still with us.

Too many American Jews worship at the altar of the state. Their religion is not Torah Judaism, but the Democrat party. So closely do they identify with the power of government, they don’t even realize that they are creating the apparatus of a soft tyranny that will enslave their children and their children’s children.

Obamacare is Egyptian slavery. It is Pharaoh’s court of magicians, charlatans who create an illusion of reality.

Robert J. Avrech
March 25, 2013
Passover 2013: Of Slaves, Slavery, Judenrat, Kapos and America
[It’s not just Obamacare. It’s the entire nanny-state. And it may not be so “soft” when the economic system collapses.—Joe]


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  1. I blame the schools for utterly failing to teach history or economics in any useful way. Between screaming and sanitization of the text books from both left AND right, what is left is a pretty thin gruel trying to convey the rich and convoluted path we trod to get here.

    • I agree entirely with the sentiment of your comment, Rolf, but if I may I’ll pick it apart a little.

      Saying that the schools “fail” to teach history is giving them credit they do not deserve. “Failing” implies that they fall short in a genuine effort Tisk tisk. Funny funny hah hah. Isn’t that a bit like saying that a bank robber “failed” to make a proper withdrawl?

      Regarding the left AND the right being guilty. Same deal here. I think what you mean to say is; “the left AND those engaged in a transparent attempt to pass themselves off as representing the right.”

      These are subtle, but VERY important points, I think, if we are to fully understand what has been happening all our lives.

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  3. If you read history, including biblical history, mankind seems to forever want to appoint a king. In the Bible they are warned against it by prophets and do it anyways, always to their detriment. There was no king when Moses led them out of Egypt, and yet how long until they found one?

    The French overthrew a king, only to return to an Emperor in less than 2 decades.

    The English can’t give up their royalty, even when it no longer governs. Other countries in “Modern” Europe cling to the same tradition.

    Wanting a king seems to be engrained in most of humanity. Americans have been the exception, to some degree. BUT…as we accept more and more from countries used to powerful governments, we seem to be accepting more and more of their beliefs that a powerful government is good.

    My son took my brothers American Government class at a local college. He was a running start student, age 17, the youngest in the class. The class ranged in age from his 17 to mid 30’s. He very much understands the American government, and did at that young age. My brother watched in amazement, after he instructed the class to break up into groups, then develop a representative classroom government. Within 2 class periods, my son had manipulated EVERYONE in the class into nominating him as class president. Along with the nomination, he manipulated them into giving him their voting rights on class issues, telling them he would represent them to the teacher and school.

    By the end of the second class period my brother was beside himself. He had watched a microcosm of what our population is allowing to happen.

    It was a great teaching experiment for his students, but very indicative of what is happening in America today.

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