Quote of the day—Magpul Industries Corp.

We have said all along that based on the legal problems and uncertainties in the bill, as well as general principle, we will have no choice but to leave if the Governor signs this into law. We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases.

Magpul Industries Corp.
Facebook statement, March 18, 2013.
[H/T David Hardy.

What gun owners did to politicians in 1994 over the AWS should happen to the legislators and governors of states that even attempted to implement these repressive laws. Then they should be considered politically untouchable and used as examples to others for the rest of their lives as if they were Grand Wizards of the KKK.—Joe]


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  1. In a not-unrelated vein, and not to discourage at all the eviction of idiots from office, how about a Constitutional amendment limiting service in any elected positions to X number per lifetime, with no more than 2 terms or portions thereof in any one office, with complete and total prohibition of receipt of monies or compensation in any form from any government organization forevermore, except for pay, rank and benefits commensurate with rank in the active duty military and military reserves?

    My vote for X would be in the low to moderate single digits, and language adjustments to ensure the lifetime limitation applies to everything from dogcatcher to president. Probably would also need to add language limiting employment in any government bureaucracy to a period barely into double digits, just to control the size of the bureaucracy by reducing its employment attractiveness.

    Either we’re a Constitutional Representative Republic or we’re a support system for government. Pick one.

  2. According to Michael Bane, the were rumors that Hickenlooper was being promised a position in the Obama administration if he signed this. Hickenlooper just announced he will not run for reelection in 2014. Sounds like a pretty straight forward transaction to me. If you sign this we’ll make sure you don’t need to worry about getting reelected.

    • You have to give the Obama administration some credit – they have gone further than any other in history in hiring the handicapped. The mentally handicapped, anyway.

  3. …Grand wizards of the KKK?

    Naw, even Robert Byrd got a pass on that, (he was a grand cyclops in the KKK). All because he had the magic “D” at the end of his name.

  4. I’m HOPING that the Good Citizens of Colorado come to their senses and Vote those Anti-Gunners out of office. But something tells me that the Antis would not have gone for it if they felt that their Jobs were threatened. We shall see what the Voter Demographics show in the 2014 Elections there. If those Bums stay in Office, though, I think the Free People of Colorado should (if possible) Vote with their Feet if they can’t get rid of that Regime.

    Otherwise, they’ll be just another Group of Citizens “Stuck behind Enemy Lines.”

    • I figure those bums will keep their jobs, they did legalize MJ there… so in return they can offer food for votes where everyone has the munchies.. wouldn’t surprise me if they handed out food vouchers for 30 round magazines exchanges…

  5. Please. Why cannot these importunate fools be prosecuted for high crimes? It is, after all, AGAINST THE LAW for this act to have been passed or signed, and it most certainly IS NOT a law. It violates the Constitution, so it CANNOT be a law. Why does jeopardy not attend this? Is there not a single lawyer in the state of Colorado to file such charges?



      The Constitution doesn’t matter. The law doesn’t matter. We live in de facto anarchy, where it all comes down to who’s got the biggest gang, the most guns and the most sociopathinc outlook on life.

      Seriously, folks–that’s how it is. This country won’t even follow Iceland’s lead in prosecuting the plutocrat banksters. It won’t hold any Proglodyte accountable for their actions, but will hold every one of us accountable for the actions of others. It’s never been plainer that it’s Who You Are or Who You Know that determines whether you’re subject to the law of the land.

      So if you expect even one politician to face any consequences at all for their treasonous actions, you’re dumber than Joe Biden. Period.

  6. Anon: Unfortunately the major effect of term limits is to limit how knowledgeable a representative is, which makes him more dependent on the unelected staff for what’s what. With term limits we would be governed by the unelected civil servants instead of the Congressional (then) mere figureheads.

    Nate, yep that magic “D” forgives a lot of sins. I wish we’d pass them sitting in the gutter muttering to themselves about how they once were Senators.

    Mark, First, it has to become law. Second, unfortunately we need a judge to rule that the laws are unconstitutional. Until that happens they are the law. Third, for filing a law suit, there has to be someone injured by the law, whether physically or economically. You and I do not have “standing to sue” since we can show no injury from the law. That’s why Heller was so important as a client. He had standing and could challenge the law.

  7. Windy,
    The magazine bans possession as well as transfers. It makes an exemption for couriers carrying mags made within colorado for sale to LEO or out-of-state customers, but makes no exception for mags made from out of state, even if they’re just passing through. So a trucker from Kansas destined for Wyoming would break the law even if he does not stop. A UPS guy delivering mags from a New Mexico shipment would violate the law even if he was delivering to the denver swat team. So an out–of-stater just passing through with mags in their truck would be in violation of this law. Hence, all kinds of standing for out-of-staters.

    I’ve often thought term limits on bureaucrats would be a much better way to go about things, say 7 or 8 years in government employ at any level, then they’d get the boot into the private sector. But the odds of that happening are slightly greater than moving Tax day to October 25th.

  8. Windy & Publicola – my second paragraph (above) contains this: “Probably would also need to add language limiting employment in any government bureaucracy to a period barely into double digits, just to control the size of the bureaucracy by reducing its employment attractiveness.”

    I see no reason why non-military government employment – city, county, state or US government – should be a lifetime career. 12 years and out, no retirement except what the employee puts away himself, medical benefits pay-as-you-go. Turn it back into temporary “government service” where it should be.

    I recognize the hazard of term limits, but are you telling me Congressional and Senate staffs and committee staffs don’t have a huge amount of power now? And, what about the bureaucrats at the EPA? When congress passes deliberately ambiguous laws it allows the bureaucracy to pretty much write their own ticket on the regulations.

  9. Windy. No. You are wrong. At least on some points. First, it already IS the law — with Supreme Court case law to back it up. The first Chief Justice said it best: a law which does not comport with the Constitution is no law, and citizens are not obliged to obey it. Further, there is also statute law (18USC242) making it punishable for officials operating under color of law to violate citizens’ constitutional rights.

    Which brings us back to where I started. Why are not these importunate politicians prosecuted for these crimes? There has to be a reason why, in a country of 300 million with so high a proportion of hungry lawyers, nobody’s done it already.



  10. @Windy, The problem with your comment is that it starts off with the premise that we need “knowledgeable politicians” to make “common sense decisions”.

    The problem is that politicians become “knowledgeable” about “politics” , the first thing we need to do is prevent that from happening in the first place.

    Common sense is common sense and that is what politics should be about and someone with 1 day experience can do just as good, and I would argue better job than someone entrenched in the system for 4+ terms.

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  12. Mark, The doctrine of Standing will keep any law suit by anyone who cannot show injury from the law out of court. The examples Publicola gave are all good examples, but unless and until one of those hapless couriers is arrested for “just passing through”, no decision will result because no law suit will last until judgment.

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