Quote of the day—Stanwyck

Freud was right – men with little guns…buy big guns. (meanwhile, our liberal men? They’re just fine with the guns they were born with)

January 10, 2013
Comment to Tactical Response CEO Threatens To ‘Start Killing People’ Over Possible Obama Gun Measure (VIDEO)
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

My second thought, after “Markley’s law!”, was, “Citation needed.” I don’t ever recall Freud saying anything like that.

As a side note, it is widely believed that Freud did say (with the citation of General Introduction to Psychoanalysis), “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” I cannot find that phrase in the book and Wikiquote claims it is misattributed.

The following, from Dreams in Folklore (1958), p. 33, comes sort of close:

The representation of the penis as a weapon, cutting knife, dagger etc., is familiar to us from the anxiety dreams of abstinent women in particular and also lies at the root of numerous phobias in neurotic people.



9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stanwyck

  1. What about men who seek security and power in strength of numbers– through government, rather than seeking self reliance and independence?

    Markley’s law is yet another example of the tactic of “ignore and redirect”.

    Our liberal men? They fear, and must avoid the big issues at all cost. Forget about the silly, utterly uninteresting conflict between liberty and servitude, dependence verses self-reliance. Forget about the founding principles of the greatest country in the history of history and forget about the very question of force relations between government and the People. Penis size is the real issue.

    • In addition, the Leftist men are the small men who want things done but are unable to do for themselves, and are unable to persuade others to do it without the all-powerful hand of the government to compel with the threat of violence imprisonment and death.
      These small men try to use ridicule and sexual innuendo to prevent greater men from obtaining the tools to resist the force or threat of violence they use.

      • “…Leftist men are the small men who want things done but are unable to do for themselves…”

        That is all true, and it explains the majority of cases I think, but there are leftist men who are self-made millionaires. Something much deeper and more horrible is going on there. I maintain that it comes from a deep seated hatred steeped in envy. Leftist “Compassion” which I define as “a warm, heart-felt desire for the use of force against one’s neighbors” is founded in hate. It’s rationalization is an indictment of humanity– we’re too stupid or too evil, or both, to make our own decisions, run our own affairs and manage our own property. So take it away form us. We don’t deserve it anyway, and the fact that we have it is proof of greed as our motivation and that greed motivation is the cause of all human suffering. We are guilty, which is why the term “social justice” is so popular. They don’t just want our wealth and freedom taken away “for the common good”, they want revenge. They want revenge for their suffering.

        They have to attack gun ownership then. There’s no choice in the matter if “social justice” (substitute “Final Solution”) is ever to be realized.

  2. The gun God gave me is just big enough to have given MrsAlien and I a wonderful little girl (most days, anyway….4-year-olds are put on this planet to teach us patience). And I’m happily married, so the anti-crowd can divert their focus to someone else’s crotch, thank you very much. I’m confident in my manhood and in my ability to handle a gun. Of either variety.

    • Ah, so THAT’S why you like the story – you want to see what sort of trouble the 5 year old gets into. 🙂 My own pair of hooligans are now 7 and 10, but a few events in the story are ones that I think every parent on the planet can relate too. And yes, the take revenge for their grandparents.

  3. (meanwhile, our liberal men? They’re just fine with the guns they were born with)

    They just like to share them with other men.

  4. meanwhile, our liberal men? They’re just fine with the guns they were born with

    … None?

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