Quote of the day—Nuclear Unicorn

But let us assume, for the moment, that gun control advocates are correct in their descriptions of gun rights advocates with monikers of “paranoid” and nuts”.

Why would the gun control advocates, who are presumably unarmed, willing to antagonize heavily-armed paranoid nuts who are on guard against gun seizures?

What do they do for an encore? Take ventriloquist lessons and hang out in rooms filled with schizophrenics holding sharp objects?

Nuclear Unicorn
February 2, 2011
A thread at the Democratic Underground.
[H/T to Cargosquid who sent me the link via email.

As Nuclear Unicorn further elaborates, “It’s either a really dumb plan of action or a wildly gross mischaracterization of the pro-rights side.”

But that’s only if you are thinking rationally. With most anti-gun people suffering from Peterson Syndrome rational thought is an empty phrase.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nuclear Unicorn

  1. Why are Unarmed Anti-Gunners willing to take on People who ARE armed?

    Simple. They Don’t.

    They have their HELP do it FOR them. After all, that’s what 911, Police and the Military are for, isn’t? To do all the Dirty Work while they watch it on YouTube?

    Too bad they can’t add. They don’t seem to get the fact that they are outnumbered by people willing to pay $50 for a brick of .22LR just in case they have to use it against the Anti-Gunners Goon Squads, KNOWING how poor a choice that is. But the Ammo shelves are empty most days of the week anyway, because something is better than nothing.

    But if the Antis could do the Math in the First place, then they wouldn’t be Antis.

    • They wont come for us all at one time. They frog march one or 2 of us, from our jobs where we are disarmed, theyll storm our house when we are gone, and our neighbors have been conditioned to do nothing.

      Try and do something different… well, remember Waco?

  2. Yeah, I ran into a great comment on an article via FB today.

    It’s pretty obvious where this entire gun-nut strategy is headed. First, the gun industry is enormously wealthy. Second, the bigots, little-dicks, and paranoid maniacs are planning their own civil war. THIS time, the Union should exterminate them all.

    Markley’s Law, historical ignorance, and I love the juxtaposition of “gun nuts are paranoid” and “we should exterminate them”.

    Is it still paranoia even when they come right out and say that they’re out to get you? Why are antis so violent?

  3. it’s very simple: they want the government to do it and kill every single gun owner in the county to realize their dream.

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  5. If we gunnies were half as bad as the anti’s make us out to be there wouldn’t be ANY ANTI’s!

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