Biden may be onto something

Biden may actually be giving good advice to his audience. Double barrel shotguns are simpler than an AR-15. So simple that given enough time and an instruction video even anti-gun Democrats could probably fire off a shot or two.

His advice is entirely consistent with Security Theater advocated by most government types. He is suggesting people “Do Something” and they will feel better even if it accomplishes nothing that helps your situation.

Or instead of being onto something he could just be on something. Was he in Colorado testing out the local herbs when he shared his stupid thoughts with us?


7 thoughts on “Biden may be onto something

  1. With this advice, perhaps there will be a run on double barrelled shotguns! That is if the voters who voted for him actually think he is giving good advice.

  2. I have to agree with the VPOTUS: a shotgun is a much better choice for home defense for your average urban/suburban dweller because of the danger of overpenetration from rifle fire. I would suggest a pump rather than a double barrel because of the unmistakable sound of a round being racked into the chamber.

    My wife’s question for VP Biden is: if a shotgun is the appropriate weapon for home defense what is the appropriate weapon for defense against a tyrannical government?

    • Buckshot, and especially slugs, will penetrate far more than will a .223 varmint/hunting/”tactical” bullet.

      Also the AR-15 is much more pleasant to shoot and practice with. And typically it is going to be shorter and more maneuverable indoors.

      Good question on the proper choice of firearm for government control though.

  3. Agree Joe – the recoil of a 12 gauge is a lot for novice shooters, especially compared to the relatively mild AR. It also takes a lot longer to fire 8-10 rounds from a double barrel than from an AR.

  4. Mr. Biden REALLY needs to take a tactical shotgun class. In it he will learn that;

    1. Shotguns still need to be aimed.
    2. One shot will not take out a whole rank of zombies.
    3. Shot patterns at home defense ranges will only get you one bad guy per shot.
    Take your shotgun to a range and fire at targets a 3, 7, and 15 yards and note the spread with 00 buck at each distance if you don’t believe me. You will come away with a different impression of what a shotgun will do for home defense. Yes…you will make a BIG hole in whatever you hit, but it will still be one shot per bad guy. Lighter shot may spread a little further but it is not a guaranteed kill. Would you use bird shot to go deer hunting?
    4. Limited amount of ammo, even with tubular magazines. If you have multiple or determined opponents and run your gun dry you are screwed. Unless you learn to load on the fly and it will still be iffy as it takes a lot of practice to be fast at it. What if the BGs have guns? They won’t limit themselves to the currently recommended 7 round capacity….you can take THAT one to the bank.

    Give me a Colt 1911 or an AR15 with STANDARD capacity magazines any day.

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kalifornistan

    “Why would you prefer criminals to have the ability to out-gun law-abiding citizens? Whose side are you on?” ~Evan Todd, Columbine survivor in an open letter to Obama

  5. Well, we already knew he was on something. . . .
    As for over penetration, it was recommended to me to kneel so the trajectory goes up through the walls rather than parallel to the ground.

  6. My question for the veep is… which state is it not considered a felony/crime/unwise to fire a warning shot randomly into the air? Or are we to aim our warning shot at the TV/toaster/microwave/cat that the burglars are trying to burgle, on the rather logical argument that an LCD TV full of buck and slowly leaking valuable smoke into the atmosphere is not as valuable on the resale market?

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