Quote of the day—Tom Tatum

Is there a way to substitute a different compensation item instead of guns for insecure young and middle-aged men? #guncontrol #alexjones


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tom Tatum

  1. There are tons of things people refer to as “Penis compensators” Like sports cars and large trucks. Fancy houses.

    I doubt there’s any reality in any of them.

    Also for every person who buys an item to inspire envy or to improve their image, there are many more who simply appreciate nice things.

    And people who will cast aspersions simply because they’re the ones with envy.

  2. But wait; I’m 54 going on 55. Do I still qualify as “middle aged”? If not, I’ll have to feel left out. Can’t I still compensate for “something”? And once again, as always; gun owning women are completely ignored. I would guess they’d be dismissed as whores and sluts, like Sarah Palin. The insult always has to be sexual in nature, while at the same time Sandra Fluke is upheld as a hero for the cause.

    But at some point I tire of discussing the gibbering, feces-throwing insanity of the left, being as it is a given, a constant, a prerequisite.

  3. I am compensating for the fact that I cannot throw a rock at 1300 feet per second, or to carry a cop around with me. Maybe I’m middle aged already. (Harumph!!)

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  5. I like my guns though… They turn small furry woodland creatures into snacks! What’s not to like?

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