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Most sites do not have the entire text of the “manifesto” of the former LA Cop on the rampage in California. The part where he praises left-wing politicians and anti-gun policies is missing. It’s almost as if the media don’t want people to know that someone on the left is on a violent rampage. If it were a someone with even a hint of right-wing leanings that would be in the headlines.

I found my version of his manifesto here.

My summary, if you don’t have the time to read it all, is as follows:

He is really pissed off about being fired. His side of the story is that he reported another officer kicked a handcuffed suspect. He claims a video of the suspect confirms his side of the story. A hearing determined he was lying and he was fired over it. There were also confrontations with other officers who used the n-word.

There is a large section outlining how he is going to kill a large number of police officers and their families for the injustice inflicted upon him. The only way he will stop is if the LAPD issues a public apology and says it was wrong to fire him. He calls out a number of people and groups as “high value targets”. He claims private citizens, unrelated to LAPD officers, and law enforcement from other agencies will be safe if they leave him alone. He won’t hunt them as he will the officers and families of the LAPD.

He claims he owns AR-15 carbine(s), Remington precision rifle(s), suppressors, and a .50 BMG. He has military training and scored high in marksmanship both in the military and in the police force.

That was in the first half of the document. The second half is praise for various public figures and his friends. Some of it is of the form “good-bye, sorry to leave, I will miss you”. Almost all the politicians are democrats with anti-gun policies which he praises.

Some selected anti-gun quotes:

  • “All of these small arms are manufactured by Cerberus/Freedom Group. The same company responsible for the Portland mall shooting, Webster , NY, and Sandy Hook massacre.”
  • “Mia Farrow said it best. ‘Gun control is no longer debatable, it’s not a conversation, its a moral mandate.'”
  • “Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB.”

To me it seemed there was a bit of a disconnect between the first part and the second. Perhaps he was in a different mood. It seems as if he was sad and saying good-bye rather than angry and plotting revenge in the earlier part.


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  1. He also claims to have SA-7 shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles.

    I saw the same disconnect, like how people see Full Metal Jacket as being two separate movies. I think the second half with all the political stuff is a good-bye suicide letter.

    In any event, I hope the people who think that they can forcibly disarm millions of gun owners are noting how terrified the LAPD is in dealing with ONE man on a hunt.

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    The whole manifesto is also here.

    The guy lists a number of other past situations all the way back to grade school where he feels he was wronged by authority figures who lied.

    The final triggering episode appears to be his loss of security clearance and Navy discharge (honorable, but against his will) which he believed resulted from the PD firing him for cause.

    Some people need an orderly lifestyle such as the military imposes to keep the beast caged. This guy is now off the chain.

    I hope no one else is hurt, but I don’t think it will go down that way.

  4. Hmm, he’s apparently holed up somewhere in the woods by Big Bear. Me thinks he thinks he’s Rambo.

    • Actually, the police think he is holed up there, which means he almost certainly is not.
      Usually, the quickest way to the truth is to take what the LAPD “investigation” shows and then assume the opposite.

  5. Well we can tell from the photos of the blue pickup that the newspaper carriers where shot in that the PD can hit the broad side of a barn but has difficulty with human sized targets.

  6. I’ve read the “scrubbed” version and the “disconnect” is so obvious that it looks false flag’ish. By that I mean, like *someone* else wrote it and inserted it later. It could be that it was after his “psychotic break” but to that point he was VERY focused and stuck to a definite pattern, then the “gun control” stuff. Not at all “in pattern” for the rest of the letter.

  7. Still, the fact remains – and this is what we need to keep harping on – is that this guy, by virtue of having been a cop, was one of the ZOMG ONLY ONES and he used those credentials to access weapons which are illegal in California.

    Keep at them about how police are supposed to be highly trained and background checked.

    Keep at them about how even the most draconian gun control would not have prevented this because, again, cop.

    Keep at them about police need “weapons of war.”

    • Keep at them about how police are supposed to be highly trained and background checked. […] Keep at them about police need “weapons of war.”

      Especially in the context of how LAPD seems to be opening up on random pickup trucks without any apparent attempt to make sure the truck in question actually has anything to do with the killer’s vehicle, plus their rather lackluster marksmanship in those same panic attacks.

      Maybe LAPD should go back to issuing revolvers until they’ve learned the art of identifying their targets. They apparently can’t handle those ZOMG high-speed-capacity clip-fed bullet spraying death machines responsibly, so they should have them taken away until they can.

      • Yes, precisely. We probably can’t sell the people on “You need weapons to protect yourself from predators like these” because they, living in California, are already brainwashed, but we can make good inroads with arguments for de-militarizing the police and dispelling the myth of the Only Ones.

  8. I don’t want to put ideas in the anti’s heads, but when I read the manifesto I too noticed the disconnect. My first thought was that he is “one of us” in terms of his position on gun rights and stuck that gun control/Obama adoration in there as a caricature of the antis to discredit them.

    However, if that were the case, there should be Facebook/blog post/personal statements from people that know him showing his support for RKBA. Absent that, my thought goes kerflooie.

  9. We can wonder how much of what we see is Donner, and how much is spin.

    No one is willing to call him an ex SEAL? What other possibilities are there?

    They REALLY don’t want to say it, but that’s what this suggests to me. UDT and aviation related in Bahrain??

    Don’t think LAPD is qualified for this.

    While in the Naval Reserves, Dorner earned a rifle marksman ribbon and pistol expert medal. He was assigned to a naval undersea warfare unit and various aviation training units, according to military records, taking a leave from the LAPD to be deployed to Bahrain in 2006 and 2007.

    • I wouldn’t go straight to SEAL for that. It’s undersea warfare, not undersea demolitions. That suggests more likely anti-submarine (ASW) operations, especially with the aviation component. It would mean that he’s likely had some SERE training, though, and will know escape and evasion well. Also, if he was a SEAL, he would almost certainly have to be rated as expert in rifles, and not just handguns.

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