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@sebastiansnbq @antvq16 @tedcruz They certainly enhance a firearm’s lethality and accuracy, and allows shooters to fire from the hip.

Tweeted on January 30, 2013 in regard to the function of a pistol grip on a rifle.
[Spoken like a complete ignoramus. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence once again proves they don’t know what they are talking about.

  1. The pistol grip does not affect the speed, size, material, construction, or shape of the bullet or the rate of fire of the gun. Those are the only variables that affect the lethality of any firearm.
  2. If they were interested in the truth CSGV should buy a copy of Rifle Accuracy Facts. But they have given us far too much evidence to the contrary to believe they will ever change their ways. It’s too bad it is out of print and the cheapest used paperback copy is nearly $80. If I could do it for $10 I would send them a copy just so I could point out they should know better the next time they say something demonstrating their ignorance again. It’s an awesome book. You won’t find any mention of a pistol grip enhancing a firearms accuracy. The primary factors affecting a firearms accuracy are the bullet construction, the barrel construction, and the sights. The stock matters some but mostly that has to do with whether the barrel touches the stock or not.
  3. If someone is going to be shooting at me then them shooting from the hip would be an advantage for me since it would not involve using the sights. Please keep advocating this CSGV. Of course since the majority of their audience are pro-gun people who know better it really doesn’t matter.



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  1. Whether intentional or not, the pistol grip serves to allow the trigger hand to be placed in a more natural position. For modern sporting rifles, the buttstock is usually inline with the barrel. This greatly improves the ability to absorb recoil without having the rifle recoil upwards. However, without a pistol grip, the shooter is then required to reach farther up and cant his wrist in an unnatural postion. Earlier rifles did not have this issue because the buttstock protruded from the receiver at a downward angle (which allowed for a more natural cheek placement for using iron sights; although, even a pistol grip on this type of rifle places the hand in a more natural position.

    Firing from the hip with a pistol grip is probably one of the most unergonomic things you could do. Firing from the hip is much more comfortable with a classic rifle because the shaft of the buttstock that is gripped places the hand in a natural position when resting at your side.

    Pistol grips and buttstocks are all about ergonomics before the shot and physics after the shot. Nothing to do with lethality as you mentioned.

  2. Just tell them the pistol grip is an ADA compliance issue for disabled shooters (such as those with carpel tunnel syndrome) who cannot bend their wrist to use a traditional stock, so how come they hate disabled folks?

  3. They know this is crap.

    Josh Sugarmann of the VPC admitted that they were deliberately misleading the public by conflating full auto assault rifles with popular self-loading rifles like the AR-15.

  4. “If someone is going to be shooting at me then shooting from the hip would be an advantage for me.”

    That could be taken two ways– the attacker shooting from the hip, or you returning fire by shooting from the hip. In my search for meaning, without assuming, I had to read it twice, but knowing the author was the best way to understand it.

    @Kristophr; “…conflating full auto assault rifles with popular self-loading rifles like the AR-15.”
    The correct response to that is, “Fine. Whatever. We should have full auto rifles if they help us defend liberty, ourselves and our families, for if these things are worth defendihng then surely we must have the best means of doing so, at our discresion and without hinderance. To hinder, in any way (i.e. to infringe), one’s ability to defend what it good and right is to support evil.”

    • That must be it. Confusing fictional, usually ridiculous, TV shooting scenes with real life.

      I once saw Audey Murphy fire a Peacemaker up toward the ceiling and hit a “bad guy” that was standing in front of him. The bullet must have been laser guided (set in the 1880s) because it had to make a 90+ degree turn within a span of about 15 feet. And of course the instantly guy fell dead as a hammer from one hit to the torso.

      And of course; people who claim to care ever-so-deeply about the subject, strangely seem to have zero incentive to lift a finger to discover the truth.

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  6. Yeah I responded to them saying that I think a pistol grip would actually make it HARDER to shoot from the hip, due to the angle the hand would have to be at compared to a inline grip.

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