There were slaves that didn’t want freedom too

Wendy Button almost begs Please Take Away My Right to a Gun.

After the civil war there were slaves that didn’t want their freedom either.

Just because a few people want their rights taken away from them doesn’t mean the rest of us do, that it is the right thing to do, or that we won’t fight to keep them.


8 thoughts on “There were slaves that didn’t want freedom too

  1. Yesterday someone sadi we should enslave the antis. My response was “Good Lord Man, why would we do that?”

    They’d be an economic drain and the last time we had slavery, it didn’t go so well.

    No, let them cower in fear of freedom and have to face armed citizens going about their daily lives without so much as a snap breaking open for a weapon to clear a holser.

    • Yet another person who refuses to be an adult, preferring that Big Daddy Gov’t treat her like his adolescent daughter.

      While suicide is bad, at least the murderer has the victim’s permission – unlike homicide (to include abortion).

  2. The comments are frightening, the way they expose both the bizarre mindset and lack of thought of the commenters. To judge from the comments, most NYT readers are mentally ill and have no self-control – but we already knew that? Didn’t we?

  3. You know, I keep hearing from the Anti-Freedom Gestapo that we HAVE to lose the RKBA. But what I can’t figure out is (that with possible exception of Military Service) no U.S. Citizen has ever been FORCED on a NATIONAL Level to have a Firearm. MAYBE in the 18th/19th Century in some State Militias, but nothing Nationwide. So if they want to be Disarmed and at the Mercy of the State for their Protection, they have that Option this very Second.

    But to try and deny me my God-Given Right to Defend Myself and my Family and Neighbors against Evil and Tyranny, well, they can Go to Hell. And if they Force the Issue, they better Bring a Gun. Oh, wait a minute. They don’t own guns, and I do.

    Hope they realize that Bullets Beat Words and Vigils every single time. But I guess their Brains aren’t Wired right to think that.

    • The federal 1792 Militia act DID force members of the militia to keep a firelock suitable for duty, with a specific date (I cannot recall it now) by which they had to have a firelock suitable for militia duty that could _chamber and fire the standard US service load._ (In modern terms, I would equate that to requiring a weapon chambered in either 7.62x51mm NATO or 5.56x45mm NATO – both are still standard service rifle loads despite the M4/M16 being the primary issue weapons. You could even make a case that the requirement would be even stricter — requiring a 5.56x45mm NATO capable chamber AND feeding from a STANAG pattern magazine.)

      There were various exemptions and enforcement mechanisms in place, but it was an effectively nationwide requirement to keep arms.

  4. Depressed, suicidal people veer over the centerline with their vehicles to end it all on a disturbingly frequent basis. Unfortunately, they often take out a nice family, or a Mom, Dad, or beloved son or daughter in the converging car.

    If someone wants to commit suicide, they’ll figure out a way. I’d rather see them blow their own brains out than take out my wife or put others at risk in their choice.

    Don’t want a gun, don’t buy a gun.

  5. Some people prefer to stay with their violent, abusive spouses too. And some people are masochists. These are the examples that should define our culture and shape our society?

  6. I wouldn’t have much of an issue with this if she didn’t also want to force that choice upon everyone else.

    Afterall, if she really wants the government to take away her guns I’m sure she can head on over to the local police troop and turn them in.

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