Gun cartoon of the day


From The Patriot Post.

What if the president were to publically announce they were going to sign an executive order to “research” the detrimental effects of free speech or Christianity? Or how about the prohibiting the reading of material from international sources that had no “sporting or scientific purpose”?

Why can’t people see how disturbing it is that a single person has the power to place restrictions on a specific enumerated right? It’s a really bad precedent to allow.


2 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. I find it amusing that he specifically calls upon the CDC to perform gun violence research. This is the group that was so openly unscientific and biased and propagandistic that the Congress actually stopped funding their previous “research” on firearms.

    How many groups can claim that honor, being defunded essentially for fraud, by Congress? Acorn comes to mind, but few others.

  2. Well, I just saw some of the TWENTY THREE Executive Orders on Slate via Sebastion and Bitters PAGUNBLOG, and it looks like a LOT of it is coming through ObamaCare, not ATF or DOJ.

    Thank You John Roberts.

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