Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan

Many gun controllers not only do not understand what motivates those who disagree with them, they do not like them, reflexively calling them gun nuts, a reaction as foolish as it is arrogant and bigoted.

Patrick J. Buchanan
January 08, 2013
America’s Coming Gun War
[H/T to an anonymous email.

I’m pleased to see the anti-gun people as bigots meme continues to spread.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan

  1. Not that I would consider Buchanan a tower of wisdom, but he is correct in this case.

    And there plenty of the antis who understand all of this perfectly, and are merely being coy. They choose to mislead, and to attack a human right, out of power-lust. That’s what makes it bigotry isn’t it– it’s motivated by hate, rather than by their stated desire for safety and all the rest. So it’s a bit of a contradiction to say, on one hand, thay they fail to understand, while on the other hand saying that thjey are bigots. A bigot understands what motivates his target group, yet does not care, and will press on in any way he thinks he can get away with. He’ll fool himself and anyone else he can fool, while the fact that he is going through so much strenuous effort to fool people is the proof that he knows better.

    Likewise, the KKK knew full well the principles of liberty and equality upon which America was founded, but did not care to apply those principles. Their hatred took precidence over their ability to reason. To say that they “just didn’t understand” is sort of being coy at some level, isn’t it? It comes down to motivation. If one is motivated by love, one can easily find reasonable arguments to support it, and if one is motivated by hate, they are usually smart enough to come up with some sort of rationalization for it.

    I guess it comes down to the definition of “understanding”. Being able to grasp the meaning of a concept intellectually on one hand, and fully embracing that concept on the other hand, are two different things.

    Motivation then is the difference. As Glen Beck has been putting it recently, it’s all about “the why” and even then people will lie to themselves about their motivations.

    If we’re aware, we don’t need to have them explain their actions, nor do their rationalizations have any affect on us. Their actions tell the story by themselves.

    And so I say to the communists; I SEE YOU….

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