Status of old posts

As some of you know, because you requested them, I manually imported a few important posts for reference purposes. But there are still thousands more that need to be imported from my previous blog software.

I’m still working on the conversion program to import the content. I’ve probably got 50 hours into it now but it is getting very close. It successfully preserves all the backward links to both posts and comments within the blog and saves all the comments and categories. There will be about 25 links I will have to manually fix up after the 8000+ posts and 20000 comments are imported.

I might actually get it done this weekend. It is hard to predict because you never know how many more bugs you are going to find or how long it will take you to fix them.


3 thoughts on “Status of old posts

  1. So, when your blog is up-to-date, how about hiking down to Kevin Baker’s place and importing all his old comments back home? He has the comments, but he needs someone to get them imported.

    No, I haven’t written a single line of code in eleven years. I’m retired, and I intend to stay that way.

    • Maybe. If he was running WordPress I would be much more inclined. But since I would have to start from scratch it is going to be a much bigger job and I have to balance that against doing other stuff like making ammo and explosives.

      • My thoughts exactly. But at least you’ve “done it”, as it were, and I haven’t.

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