If the pro liberty side had courage

And if we understood how the process of winning works, we wouldn’t be protesting the latest outrages committed by the authoritarians, we wouldn’t be panicked, hoping that the next set of violations will be endurable. We’d be proposing our own “outrages” for the communists to get upset over. They’d be protesting us, you see, because we were so blatant, relaxed, and matter of fact about it.

In that spirit I propose a short, simple bill that would repeal the NFA of 1934, the GCA of 1968, and eliminate (not restructure, re-task or rebrand, but eliminate) the BATFE.

If we feel we have to use statistics to justify it, we have more than enough of those, plus we have personal human interest anecdotes galore, but better yet we have the principles of liberty and the constitution on our side. We have the future of our children on our side.

And to summarize; if the pro liberty side had courage, and resolve, and really understood the principles and how this is played, we’d never have gotten to this stage. But resolve does exist and it is growing I think, watered by the increasingly outrageous and transparent enemy. Isn’t this interesting?


6 thoughts on “If the pro liberty side had courage

    • That’s pretty much what I meant, but I see the fear oin many of the pundits who are ostensibly on our side as well.

  1. Absolutely, in fact, I just proposed the very same thing on the WA-CCW list. For every outrageous bit of legislation they propose, we should counter with an amendment or counter legislation.

    Propose a gun “buy-back”? Counter with a proposal for “gun stamps” to subsidize the cost of a firearms purchase for low-income families.

    Propose confiscation? Counter with a proposal to freely distribute surplus arms from the OCM or from confiscated “crime” guns inventories.

    Take a big flyer at the First Amendment – introduce legislation to ban the reporting of homicides that involve more than two victims, to reduce the sensationalism and copy cats.

    • There is a subtle concept I don’t have a specific name for, but it goes along the lines of; whether we comply or rebel, someone else is in charge. So long as we are reacting to the enemy, the enemy is in charge.

      Agitprop, and the Hegelian Dialectic, are good terms to look for as a more complete explanation of what’s been going on in this country for over 150 years.

      So take full and complete charge of the conversation. Don’t be irritated and don’t react. I don’t know exactly how to do that, but if and when it happens, the enemy will do our work for us and destroy itself in the process, as opposed to what’s been happening, which is the other way around.

      • Sort of related to the OODA loop.

        Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

        If you’re “inside” the other guy’s OODA loop, you’re the lead dance partner, making him react to your moves. If he’s inside yours, it’s just the opposite.

        I agree, we need to start making them dance to our tune.

  2. There are some new people just elected to congress that believe as we do.
    Here we just sent David Valadao to the 113th who is a CCW, pro rights, conservative.
    I hope Boner puts him on some important committees.

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