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Semi automatic weapons have no business in a civilian’s possession. Hunters use rifles and bows not assault weapons so I think they would be agreeable. Time for a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

Ammunition will be registered and signed for just like sudafed in a drugstore. There will be a one time purchase limit per month unless exception made in advance. For all of you folks saying that won’t work; that it will cause a black market, you are right but we have to try otherwise we will be Gotham City in no time.

December 20, 2012
Comment to Boehner says House could consider Biden gun panel’s proposals
[Spoken like a true unicorn believing lefty. Shorter version, “I know it will be like prohibition with murderous gangs run by people worse than Al Capone. But we should do it anyway.”

Hunters don’t use semi-autos and will be agreeable?

That much stupidity and ignorance should be painful. But then perhaps they are so close to a vegetative state they don’t feel pain anymore.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Al-750574

  1. Another blithering idiot with a tenuous grip on reality.
    Some of these people are so stupid I have to wonder who ties their shoes for them every morning.

  2. Yeah, see; flintlock long rifles were the “assault weapons” of the American revolutionary period. The Americans also had towed artillery in private hands. The second amendment was made a part of the constitution right after the Americans used their personal arms against the most powerful military on the planet, and prevailed. THAT is the context in which the second amendment was written. Our second amendment guns are not for hunting. They are for fighting against a tyrannical government. They were, and are, intended to be as good as anything any military could put into the field against us. Our second amendment guns are for shooting soldiers, politicians, and cops, and of course the more common varieties of criminals.

  3. Heck, with Letters of Marquee, private citizens had in their personal possession , WARSHIPS. I don’t recall any requirement to get the Letter before laying the keel, so the private citizen apparently outfitted the ship, which sat in the harbor all “silent and menacing” until the Letter of Marquee was issued.

    The other peculiarity is that when I had a hunting rifle, a Winchester pre ’64 in .270 Win, that was less scary to the hoplophobes than an AR in.5.56, a caliber that was, and still is, illegal to hunt deer with.

    This goes with stupid statements like someone hunting with a rifle doesn’t need a large caliber handgun to take along hunting (true, so long as the animal doesn’t jump up as the hunter attempts to skin it, which may be the hoplophobe’s idea of turnabout or some drivel).

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