Quote of the day—Krishna Murthy

except army and police no one should have a gun;violent films should be banned;constitution should be amended accordingly;

Krishna Murthy
December 20, 2012
Comment to After Newtown, Gun Control Steps We Can Take
[Why not do away with due process and the right to not testify against yourself since you are gutting the Bill of Rights anyway?

Not just anti-gun. Anti-freedom.

We are better than this.—Joe]


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  1. Not to mention that if the current gun laws are Constitutional, then they could require a background check before you vote. Which might be nice. In some jurisdictions, submission of fingerprints, “good cause” for taking advantage of your “rights”, forms, fees, waiting periods, etc….these might actually solve some of our problems.

    Oddly enough, the people who are all for background checks for firearms purchases aren’t so much in favor of doing the same for voting. Go figure.

    • Hmm, well if the constitution really were the supreme law of the land, with teeth, it wouldn’t matter all that much who got elected to what, would it? Some authoritarian dirt bag tries to overreach, and he’s immediately pounced on from all directions.

      See, ultimately it’s all about principles, and so no amount of tweaking of the laws and the rules can ever make up for a lack of them. It truly is just like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as a response to the gaping holes in her hull.

      Our problems then are not political. Not one bit, any more than those deck chairs are the main issue. The politics simply follow our successes or failures in understanding, communicating or defending the principles.

  2. Geez…..
    Should we take away the 19th amendment while we’re at it?
    (Woman’s suffrage / right to vote)

  3. Hmm, if that was the case, I don’t see where the average citizen could not sign up to be part of the National Guard, Local Militia, or Police/Sheriff’s auxiliary.. You could actually put teeth into everyone must join their local militia and actively practice marksmanship two weekends a week, mandatory.

    Holy crap sounds almost like Switzerland…

    Oh wait that would mess with Murphy’s whole reason for the amendment…

    Careful what you wish for Murphy.

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