Nice one from Tam

In or out of context, it’s a memorable one;

  “Standin’ by your man ain’t doin’ him no favors when what he needs is a rehab clinic.”

Seen here.

Anyway you look at it, or if you change “man” to “woman” it works great.  Ideally though, standin’ by your man, or woman, would be doing both of you a favor, but how often is that actually the case?


3 thoughts on “Nice one from Tam

  1. I dunno, Joe. It’s a content-less, sound-bite world out there in the media nowadays, and Wayne LaPierre got the zinger of the whole event in with his “bad guys – good-guys” statement. To me, that resonated.

    As a retired cop, I doubt the efficacy of his plan to put guards in the schools, and the plan could have a dangerous un-intended consequence: the establishment of a Federal Police Force five times the size of the TSA. No thanks, Wayne, but keep trying.

    If you take Wayne’s idea and use the National Guard, well, maybe it would work, and it COULD be in place for the start of school in ten days. Problem for any school-protection plan: it’s gotta pass muster with the NEA and it’s unions, and those chumps would rather lose more kids than give up any hegemony at their workplaces.

    • “bad guys – good-guys” statement.

      That was one of the few diamonds in the coal mine. If that becomes the dominant soundbite from the speech, we should hit our knees and thank John Browning for his grace.

  2. The second amendment is your school protection plan (and your home protection plan, your shopping mall protection plan, etc., etc.)

    One of our biggest problems is that we’re actually entertaining the thought of ramping up the police state when we should be thinking of ways to curtail it.

    LaPierre is a symptom. People don’t get into those positions, in large, deeply entrenched organizations with large budgets, by being leaders. They get there by being followers and people pleasers. They have to appeal to a board consisting largely of other followers, carefully crafting their positions, personalities and language so as to offend the smallest number of people. Blech (puke).

    You put a true, principled leader in front of a crowd like that, and they fear the person. That’s what we need.

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