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  1. We could rephrase it a little and it would carry some truth;
    “The only benefit, to dictatorships, of gun restrictions is population control.”

    Take guns out of the hands of regular citizens and you’ll have more power to control and kill them. Maybe that’s what StillLooking was trying to say.

    Anyway; in my ideal world, we wouldn’t be responding to the crazies. They’d be spending their time and energy responding to us. I forget that sometimes. RIght now in Michigan we’re seeing the latter, and it’s beautiful. Let them destroy themselves, crashing like waves against the hard rocks of liberty and justice.

  2. So this crap-for-brains thinks, in a republic, it is proper for the population to be controlled? Isn’t this supposed to be a free country?


  3. @Mark, There are far, far too many people in the world that believe the good of society outweighs the good of the individual and “the people” must be managed for their own good.

    As near as I can tell they view utopia as a place where people are “well managed” like a herd of cattle. They see the free food, free housing, and free health care but overlook (or see it as a feature) the dehorning, culling of the weak and the old, and the neutering of nearly all males.

    • I am forever amazed that those with a collectivist outlook generally assume that they will be among the elites that manage the cattle. They don’t seem to stop to think about the possibility that they will be, at best, part of the managed cattle. Given the well-known tendency of successful revolutions to engage in purges, I suspect that StillLooking would find his fate rather less pleasant than (s)he imagines, if/when the collectivist revolution happens….

  4. “Isn’t this supposed to be a free country?”


    What Joe said, plus, many, many people see the founding of this country as a problem, an evil, an injustice, as something that needs to be undone for the sake of justice. Obama is one of those people.

    There is also a large percentage of people, overlapping the former, who believe that Mankind is a stain on an otherwise pristine Earth– There are far too many people already, the ideal population is in the 100s of thousands or some tiny percentage of current population, and something should be done about it.

    No; freedom is not a concern when it comes to the very future of the planet. Freedom is an impediment. A danger. An obstacle. A threat. (The communists were very clever in attaching themselves to the environmental movement, you see. Not that they necessarily believe any of their own crap, you understand, but it is a very convenient leverage point)

  5. Yeah, guys, I get all that. Point is, these people are wrong. And the point needs to be made, and frequently, with enthusiasm. And satire. The reason they own the dialectic is they’ve been more enthusiastic, while we held our truths to be self-evident. (Which they are, but to crooked eyes, the truth may wear a wry face (–Tolkien).)

    As for the malthusian malaprops who think population ought to be reduced (which is what they mean by “control”), my response is and always has been, “OK. You first.”


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