Quote of the day—Smooth Kobra

the nation is founded on evil…anyone can see that

Smooth KobraSmooth Kobra
Tweeted on November 29, 2012.
[This pissed me off pretty good.

My response was:

@smoothkobra I’ll take you to the border with all your stuff that fits into my SUV if you NEVER come back. @Gay_Cynic @anothergunblog @TL671

He doesn’t deserve to live in this country and with that attitude he certainly isn’t going to make this country a better place.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Smooth Kobra

  1. Maybe it’s a cry for help. All he can see is evil. There was a guy like that in the music store many years ago. He was looking around, acting relatively normal, when he suddenly slammed down the keyboard cover on a piano (hard) and shouted loudly; “It’s All Eeevilll!” and stormed out.

    It happens. They need help.

  2. Joe, he doesn’t have to settle for what will fit in your SUV. All he has to do is say the word and I’ll bring a 17 foot U-haul at my own expense, he can pack his stuff in it and I’ll escort him to the border where he can meet someone from Department of State and officially relinquish his citizenship. Why should he put up with living in such an evil place as the US? North Korea doubtless needs more citizens, or any of a number of Middle Eastern countries, or, for that matter Cuba, or Venezuela, or any number of other Central and South American countries?

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