Quote of the day—DarthWeiner75

I guess since you can’t walk around with your dick hanging out #opencarry is the next best thing. #juvenile

Tweeted on November 17, 2012.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a Tweet from Linoge.

It’s “interesting” that someone would consider the exercise of a constitutionally protected right “juvenile”. Would he consider exercise of your right to not incriminate yourself “being a sissy”? Or maybe “freedom of speech is for crybabies”.—Joe]

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—DarthWeiner75

  1. I realize that engineering related to social media may be part of your life, Joe, but isn’t looking for real or literary meaning in a Tweet the modern equivalent of mining for diamonds in a goat’s ass?

  2. With a name like “Darthwiener” it is clear he looks at life from the perspective of his wiener. Doubtless he views every war as a dick-measuring contest, except for WW2 which was conducted against dick-measurers.

    Clearly he’s a strict Freudian. Even his choice of breakfast food relates to his sex life and how he was toilet trained.

  3. Evil has an urgent need to demean and drive out the good. You defeat it just by watching it.

    I see you.

  4. The irony of a guy with the handle “DarthWeiner” calling others ‘juvenile,’ has not gone unnoticed.

  5. Interestingly if we were required to walk around with our dicks hanging out we would finally realize why our elected officials are as effing twisted as they are. Small dick syndrome is what drives the little dicks that want to control our lives. The best way to overcome these mini-dicks is open scorn.

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