Markley’s law Monday—video

It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

As Phil said:

That 3 minutes has the highest concentration of stupid I’ve seen in a video in quite a long time. The female co-host has absolutely no idea of what she is saying. I have more knowledge of how perming solution works than she does about firearms and the laws governing firearms. The male cohost Markley’s himself within just a few sentences.

I love it that they keep doing this sort of thing. It demonstrates they are out of “ammunition” in the fight. They are way beyond bringing a knife to a gun fight like they used to. Now they are just spitting at us.

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  1. Your statements that we have them on the run are encouraging, but I can’t help but worry that we may be falling into a false sense of security. I’m afraid that their spitting at us is indicative of a change of strategy that may work due to a generational shift that is happening.

    I went to law school at the same university I had attending for my BS in Accounting. I therefore had many friends both at the law school and the main campus–undergrads and graduate students. Then the 2008 election happened. My friends were happy enough to have me around during the primaries–my Ron Paul sticker entertained them. But once their messiah was annointed, I became a problem, and all but a few who truly were friends began to shun me. I don’t mean harrass or make snide remarks, I mean SHUN as in told the entire group to Stop inviting me to parties, eating out, movies, etc.

    The wild thing is that I wasn’t talking up McCain–they knew I didn’t like him and voted 3rd party. I simply expressed hope that Obama would keep some of his better promises (rolling back Bush’s violations of civil liberties), but expressed doubt that he would follow through and be the best thing since sliced bread. No such heresy could be tolerated amongst them.

    These former friends were not College Democrats members or even that interested in politics normally. However, they were all raised in public schools, and I found in our discussions that they had become total collectivists, in spite of the efforts of some of their parents. Logic didn’t work, reasoned discourse was abandoned for “reasoned discourse.” Once the shunning started, facebook and my true friends who stuck with me, despite differing political opinions, told me about the spitting, etc.

    The public schools have turned out a generation mostly composed of collectivists. Obama may or may not have lost their support this time around–time will tell–but they are still firm collectivists and are so emotional as to be unreachable by logic. This Spitting at us is the tool for riling them up and motivating them to action.

    Derision aimed back at them (e.g. referring to “reasoned discourse,” “Markley’s law,” etc.) may or may not be an effective counter tactic. What I fear is that while we are making gains now, we may see these lost in a decade or three as the power base of our population shifts to my generation and they are manipulated by this kind of vitriol from the anti-gun types and other collectivists. My generation already behaves too much like the people I met in Britain and Europe.

  2. @UTLaw,

    This Spitting at us is the tool for riling them up and motivating them to action.

    I sometimes fear the “action” will come in the form of violence.

    The demographic shift is, as you point out, is much larger concern. I know people who express a preference for a near term economic collapse for this very reason. The reorganization and rebuild is more likely to be free-market based if there are still people who know what a free-market is.

  3. @Joe,

    I’ve had the same fear about “action” becoming violent. After the behavior I saw at University of Tennessee in 2008, I was even more worried about this. Not all the young would have the guts or stomach to take part (very few would, and even fewer of them would be effective from what I’ve seen), but as long as the media and culture whipped them up, they might well support it. The main thing lacking so far is a leader who is both adept enough at manipulation and who also feels full of himself enough to try it.

    Regarding your statement about economic collapse–Back when I was watching the religious experience surrounding Obama, I began thinking that we had tipped over the point of no return and that a reset caused by the inevitable total collapse of this system would be the only thing that would allow survivors to rebuild what we have lost. That feeling has only grown since then.

    I’m not ready to wish for such a reset to come quickly mostly out of pity for the millions who would likely die in a swift collapse, but I think it’s coming sooner than later when I look at the current situation, the question is does the economy collapse on its own or does it get helped along by “action” by the progressives against those they hate.

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