Quote of the day—Barak Obama

The vast majority of Americans would like to see serious gun control. It does not pass because there is this huge disconnect between what people think and what legislators think and are willing to act upon.

Barak Obama
October 19, 1998

Listen starting at 0:18:21.
[The disconnect is between Obama and 1) the Constitution and 2) “the vast majority of Americans” Obama regards as irrelevant.

See also John Lott’s post on the same quote.—Joe]

1 thought on “Quote of the day—Barak Obama

  1. This “disconnect” is between his belief in this and one of the motivating factors in the 1994 change of Congress to a Republican Congress.
    This “disconnect” is because of what are politely known as “push polls”. A push poll essentially asks loaded questions with choices involving false dichotomy and “motherhood and apple pie”.

    This disconnect is between the responses to these propaganda polls that ask if you are for “reasonable” gun control (reasonable never being defined) and the leap in logic from “reasonable” to “serious”.

    It gets to the point when I hear something the President has said, I think, “AGNTSA, he’s talking again.”
    I’m looking forward to him flying from his estate in Hawaii to speaking engagements all over the world, when he no longer has HIS finger on the button, racking up the frequent flyer miles and collecting fees for speaking.

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