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The path we’re on ends with mountains of corpses when the great experiment fails.

Mark McHugh
August 19, 2012
Shhhh…It’s Even Worse Than The Great Depression
[H/T to Tyler Durden.

One of his main points to support this prophecy is that the velocity of money in this country is lower than even during the Great Depression. That alone is a scary data point.

The prophecy that a lot of people are going to die as a result of government interference with the free market is consistent with what I have been saying for years. The only questions I see unanswered are the relative contribution of economic policy versus social policy and who, in what order, and how high people are stacked.—Joe]

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  1. RE Econ. vs Soc. Policy: Actually, I think it’s more of a “Right Shoe/Left Shoe” Equation. Kinda hard to walk off the Cliff when one is missing a Shoe. Think of this Stupid “Green” Agenda. According to the Lefties, we MUST “Invest in “Renewable Energy.” So to make that “Social Policy” work, we must kill off “Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Nuclear,” etc and pour Capital into Companies like Solyandra, all for the “sake of our Children’s Future.” Never Mind the effects on the “Economic Side,” it’s for a “Good Cause,” no matter how many people end up being out of work because of it.

    But to the Narcissists, I guess we are all Too Stupid to Understand their “Superior Intellect.”

  2. BL; I don’t believe for a second that the movers and shakers of the left agenda have anyone’s, much less the American people’s, interests at heart. They start with a hatred of America’s superiority, coupled with ignorance of how wealth creation works, coupled with envy. Take it from there. The only possible result, if they get their way, is stagnation, destruction and chaos.

  3. I see the possibilitys ahead, I recognize the dangers. I have the hardware, the ammo, the training.
    But I fear it. My son (35 yo) will live on in a different world than I do / did.
    I believe that no matter who is elected in November, there will be violent civil unrest in the years to come.
    When the entitlement class discovers that they ain’t gonna git no mo, or that their messiah has been tossed out
    and they ain’t gonna git no mo, they will not be happy and will react in their usual way.
    I saw enough of war in Vietnam to not ever want to be part of it again.
    Operative word is “want”. Sometimes life has you do things you must do.

  4. According to the chart in that post, the velocity of money has been falling since 1980 — so what’s the right’s excuse?

    How is America going to compete in the 21st Century when the right wants to play ostrich and ignore globalization?

  5. The history of our varying demographics is far more instructive than the economic history.

    It’s too bad none of the doom-sayers will show us a chart of how self-reliant or self-sufficient our demographic breakouts are compared to, say, the 1930s. If we saw THOSE charts, we would KNOW this society is doomed.

    Bottom line, governments will be useless to save the society, which will degrade into more or less self-sufficient clans which may or may not coalesce into city-states. All those outside of the protection of the strongest clans will perish. New societies will rise from the clans, which may or may not re-adopt the Constitution. In the short run of a generation, though, the world as we know it ceases to function. All the modern trappings and conveniences of present society will end, as unsupportable when the economic engines which brought them all fail.

    The world will devolve horribly, to somewhere before the Industrial age. Strong men who can force their clansmen to farm and fight will rule. If they are good men, they will lead good clans. If they are bad men, they will lead evil clans. Free will fails with the society we are about to kiss goodbye to.

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