Quote of the day—Blake Zeff

No one in power is scared of the gun control movement.

Blake Zeff
August 14, 2012
What the gun control movement can learn from gay rights
[Good! That is the way it should be.

If you were to read the article you would find Zeff got it just backward. So I left the following comment for him:

The similarities between gun rights and gay rights are much greater than those between gun control and gay rights.

Gun owners just want to be left alone. 80 to 100 million gun owners and millions of gays are good neighbors, parents, co-workers, friends, and didn’t commit any crimes last year. The extremely small fraction that did commit crimes should be punished. Collective punishment and discrimination against people who have harmed no one is wrong and a very strong motivator. This injustice is the reason the NRA can motivate gun owners to vote against politicians. Politicians don’t fear the NRA. They fear gun owners who vote.

That there even exist gun control organizations is a stain in our political environment. Just as gay, black, Jew, and women control organizations would be and have been.

It appears comments are moderated so it may never show up (Reasoned Discourse) but at least I have it here.—Joe]

7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Blake Zeff

  1. I went to the linked article, read the first line, and stopped.

    “nothing’s happening to improve gun safety in America”

    Immediately I thought:

    NRA Eddie Eagle program
    Appleseed Rifle Shooting program
    Development and sale of retention holsters for police and citizen use
    Expansion of legal concealed carry to 48 states
    Promulgation of the 4 Rules of Gun Safety, originated by Jeff Cooper, throughout the gun using community
    Development and sale of Gun Vault quick access secure storage for handguns
    NRA Project Exile to use gun crime convictions to increase incarceration time for criminals

    Decrease in rate of gun accidents and firearm crimes in the US since the 1960s through the present

    I think their definition of “nothing’s happening” is at odds with reality.

  2. I notice there are no comments visible there. The “moderation” is probably turned up to 11. He’s probably getting schooled right now on why he’s wrong, but I doubt he has the wit to learn from it.

  3. Funny thing. I followed the link in that article that shows the now Infamous Frank Lutz Poll purporting that the NRA Rank and File are being held “Hostage” by the NRA Leadership. When it gets to who was polled, a Funny Thing happens. Half of the 945 Polled were “non-NRA Gun Owners” while the other half where current or LAPSED NRA Members. So, having worked for a Polling Company, if that was the Representation that was Declared while gathering Answers, yet half of those surveyed were NOT NRA Members, we would have been FIRED and the Poll discarded for being Dishonest. It is the same thing if a Poll was taken “Do you think there should be Gay Marriage?,” yet you only asked the Gay Community.

    So this whole thing about NRA Leadership having such “Vast Power” is nothing but an Anti-Gunner Smoke Screen. Yes, they are effective in their Lobbying. But if the REAL NRA rank and file membership did not support them with their Donations, the NRA would soon be reduced to the level of the Brady Bunch.

  4. Thank you for noting the reality that gun owners simply want to be left alone.

    It amazes me that the Left/Progressives demand new gun control measures continually, which always fail, and then ask for more of them.
    Since their call for more gun control laws never ceases, intelligent people come to the obvious conclusion that total bans are their goal.

    I just want to have firearms, and to use them in non-criminal activities, like at the target range and for self-defense.
    So, where is that vaunted tolerance that the liberals often boast about smugly? Why do they wish to disarm and control me?

    I want to scream at these petty tyrants, “Mind your own damn business!”

  5. Braden, you are describing a specific case of a more general theme. Most conservatives and virtually all libertarians just want to be left alone, and in a perfect adequate world, very few of us would have any interest in politics. However, since the left is nothing but political busybodies, we are forced to waste time and energy on it just to keep from sliding backwards – time and energy we would rather spend on other, productive things. And so far, it’s a losing battle. Or did you think that the number of laws and regulations has been shrinking?

    This is why many of us are angry, isn’t it? It’s not that the left has different opinions on things; that’s inherent in the system. It’s the fact that they want to impose their opinions on us.

    I hope we may get through the next few years without a violent confrontation, but I fear this will not be the case.

  6. No one in power is scared of the gun control movement.

    They never are. That is the indictment of those in power and the gun control proponents.

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