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Sorry u are full of Krap and to allow guns everywhere makes u a target in a good poker hand.  U lose the element of surprise.
Make my day. Carry a gun and I will slap your face in disgrace.. Guns are unamerican and unpatriotict. The NRA wants to sell guns and ammo not for a revolution but for enjoyment and protection. Our law enforcement will shoot or arrest your ass. Who is to tell the difference from the good gun totters and the bad gun toyters .  We want  to protect a democracy not a  republic or a neo nazi idealogy or anarchy .  We whom are born in america and sreves the country under a commander in chief are truly americans.

Comment sent to www.GunLaws.com
Via email from Alan Korwin July 23, 2012.
[It’s nice to know the quality of the anti-gun people is being maintained at an appropriate level. I just wonder what drugs they are self-medicating with.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–jacksonsam2

  1. Obviously another PhD candidate who has metriculated up through the NEA indoctrination system where feeling good was/is more important then learning to spell or write…

  2. Again, I’m given to wonder whether the guy is serious or whether this is a silly parody of the anti rights movement.

    “Totters and toyters”– yup, that’s us. We be tottering and toytering all over the place.

  3. @emdfl, I thought you were talking about the Aurora shooter, and was about to come to his defense (he might be a schizophrenic, after all!), but then I realized you were talking about the commenter that Joe was quoting.

    Sadly, you are probably right!

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