Quote of the day—Answerer 1

give them 1 day to turn in the guns, then anyone caught with one would be shot on site.

Answerer 1
July 13, 2012
In response to the question, “If you were in charge of gun control for your country what would you do?
[And by the end of day two the police and military would have rounded up all the anti-gun people and have them hog-tied, sheared, deloused, and ready for deportation to North Korea.—Joe]

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  1. Genocide.

    The left/socialist/progressive/totalitarians always end their programs with genocide.

    Of course, after all the people are gone, the world will be just peachy.

  2. @Mark, Perhaps I should have made it more explicit but that is what I imagined would be the motivation for the police and military to prepare the anti-gun people for deportation.

  3. Actually, “on site” works just fine and would have the same result, but not necessarily the same timing, as using “on sight”. “On sight” implies that the shooting would happen immediately and would, by its nature, also be “on [the] site” of the sighting. “On site” implies that the shooting would happen at the location of the sighting but not necessarily immediately; e.g., maybe the person doing the “sighting” might confirm that the person in possession of the gun is not one of the privileged class of people before shooting said person. And you KNOW that there will be a privileged class — at a minimum, that class of people that are “shooting on site” those discovered with a gun.

  4. Even the favored response violates the Jews in the attic test, the Belgian Corporal test, the Gorky Park test, and the North Korean test.
    Licenses can be either easy or hard to get, and it is easy in a police state (which we would have) to ensure that everyone was a convicted felon, was deemed a religious fanatic (Did you go to a church service anytime last year? Do you have a bible in the home? Korans don’t count.), or to be mentally disturbed (Sakharov, anyone?).

  5. @Joe. Yeah. I got that. I was just coming at it from a different perspective. As a fictioneer, I spend a lot of time thinking about motive and point of view. All these guys on the left, on whatever topic, always assume that their prospective victims — whether the subject is disarmament or taxation robbery — will just stand there like some cud-chewing cow and take it right between the eyes without protest or reaction to threat. Rookie mistake in a writer, but quite common in a leftist/statist/collectivist.

    Come for our guns, books, money, at the very least, we’re going to hide them from you.

    Yeah. They’d need “protective custody.” Pretty sure about that.


  6. “give them 1 day to turn in the guns, then anyone caught with one would be shot shoot the gun confiscators on sight.”

    There, I fixed it. Although, if we were properly banning guns, then the rest of us would easily recognize who’s out to confiscate the guns: they’ll be the ones with crossbows and longbows!

    But, of course, the goal isn’t proper confiscation. The goal is to concentrate power into the hands of our Overlords, isn’t it?

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