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I cannot help to see Joan and every other “gun control” supporter like her as being roughly analogous to book burners, especially when viewed in the light of their infatuation with censorship and controlling the message.  Not only do they want us defenseless and easy prey for criminals, they want us quiet, docile, controlled.

January 15, 2012
tellin’ riddles in the dark
[There is lots of evidence to support this. Reasoned Discourse, telling us we should just sit back and shut up, and of course the violence and threats of violence from these people.

It’s as Weer’d Beard has said, “Anti-Freedom, not just Anti-gun!”—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Linoge

  1. The reason they want us “quiet, docile, controlled” is because they have serious perception problems in the Correct Reality Appraisal Processor unit of their brains, and like sheep they can’t tell the difference between sheepdogs and wolves unless there is a badge involved. But even then, they are easily fooled by wolves with badges.

    Hmmm… Badges. BADGES! Maybe we jeest need some steenking BADGES!

  2. They’re not equivalent to book burners – they’re equivalent to the Westboro Baptist Church – both attack a perfectly legitimate way of life.

  3. *sigh* Why is it I only identify typos when they are reposted somewhere else? 😉 There should be a “but” in there somewhere…

    And, yeah, it was the recent bout of Joan telling us to “shut up” and then telling us that she will not post any comments from pro-rights commenters that made me pull this comparison… And that is why I made the comparison, ACO – they want to destroy knowledge. They want to destroy the notion of people disagreeing with them, they want to destroy the knowledge of how to defend one’s self, they want to destroy the concept that defense is even an option, and they want to destroy those people who would dare hold to such “revolutionary” notions. Sounds about right to me.

  4. “Not only do they want us defenseless and easy prey for criminals, they want us quiet, docile, controlled.”

    I suspect it’s the other way around. They want us quiet, docile and controlled therefore they want us defenseless. It’s Marxism. They see themselves as the eventual Central Planning Authority, or at least as being “in” with the CPA, vicariously if nothing else.

    It’s very simple. It all stems from hatred of Man’s mind.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans tell us they can Centrally Plan better then the other Central Planners.

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