Quote of the day—Jami Regs

Nothing like a bunch of beer guzzling, uneducated hillbillies playing with deadly weapons to prove just how ridiculous the 2nd amendment is.

Jami Regs
January 9, 2012
Comment to a post by Coalition to Stop Gun Violence about our video.
[I can’t speak for everyone in the video but I know that daughter Kim has nearly completed her accounting degree, Barron has his BSEE, I have a BSEE and a MSEE, one of our shooting buddies is the chairman of the University Chemistry department, and I don’t even like beer.

There is nothing like an anti-gun person talking about something they know nothing about.—Joe]

13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jami Regs

  1. That’s the kind of ‘civilized discourse’ that is allowed on their pages while any pro-gun comments, no matter what they are, are deleted.

    They need to believe those things in order to maintain their own sense of self worth.

  2. Jami Regs doesn’t appear to be on Facebook any more. Did Ladd Everitt create another of his multiple personalities?

  3. I commented on csgv’s facebook post about an hour ago saying “Wow, a lot of negative stereotypes on your comments.” I thought that was pretty inoffensive but it didn’t last on the page more then 20 minutes and it appears to me that I can’t currently comment on that post (didn’t know fb could be setup that way).

  4. There is nothing like an anti-gun person talking about something they know nothing about.

    Like guns?

  5. Nothing bigoted there. Electronic Engineer, Licensed Amateur Radio operator, USCG Vet, don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. But I do love poking holes in paper!
    Since I live North of the Mason Dixon and always have, can I be a redneck?

  6. I find it funny how I can be brought up by a super-liberal university professor, spend my whole life in enlightened liberal enclaves (Toronto, Chicago, New York State, Massachusetts, France and Belgium), get an Ivy League education (BSME and MSSE) and never once touch an alcoholic beverage, yet the moment I start shooting, I’m a “beer guzzling, uneducated hillbilly.”

    Of course, one of the biggest lessons my father (unintentionally) taught me is that you an simultaneously condemn and display prejudice and discrimination.

  7. You should see all the uneducated folks that infested our last cowboy action shoot. I don’t know all the particulars about all the shooters, but among the 25 shooters that day were:
    – 3 Phds (sci and engr),
    – 3 MDs (Dentist and two General Practice),
    – 2 MS degrees (CompSci),
    – 4 other engineers with only BS degrees,
    – 4 local business owners (I have no idea of their education background)
    – 2 college kids (one mechanical engineering major and one english major),
    – 1 high school freshman and
    – 1 middle school kid.

    In between stages and conversations about guns, shooting, slicking up guns, reloading, etc were conversations about world politics, doctoring, management, local product supply and distribution, how much the kids hate several of their school teachers and how much the adults hated that same teachers when they went to school there.

    About half of the folks there wear a coat and tie to work on a daily basis but if you asked just about any of these folks you would find that most of them will describe themselves as being rednecks. Two of them actually use the word hillbilly because they originally hailed from West Virginia.

    danny – you can be a redneck no matter where you are from. Welcome to the club, you are in good company.

  8. Well, I am a college dropout and I do like beer, but I’d be totally comfortable up against Jami in a spellin’ bee.

  9. @Tam, But you weren’t in the video. So even if they held your fondness for beer against you it was misplaced when directed at the people in the video.

  10. Well, I, too, am a college dropout and do like beer, and also would be totally comfortable up against Jami in a spellin’ bee.

    Joe, your response to Tam was all too rational and Aspy-like. That won’t work on Those People, who are more monkey-like. I mind the story of Travis the Chimp, who was treated nice and rational, and then proceeded to bite that woman’s face off. And then there was Johnny Weismueller, who never had a problem with any of the chimps who played Cheetah. Why? Well, when he first met each new chimp, he would stare into its eyes until the chimp got nervous and then immediately punch it in the nose with all of his strength.

    Monkeys, and entirely too many people, just aren’t susceptible to reason. You have to prove to them that you are the alpha baboon in the troop. A lot of politics among humans seems to work this way, too.

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