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Filthy cretins. They should be treated with all the respect of a Klansman. Well, I don’t want to insult Klansmen like that. At least with the KKK, they don’t go around trying to tell people they’re actually concerned about the rights of blacks.

Robb Allen
December 20, 2011
Not only do they lie about practically everything
[He’s referring to the Brady Campaign.

I think the problem is that they have lost control of their world. It used to be they could say anything and the press would repeat it far and wide. When it was published in a magazine or even a newspaper the ability of gun owners to respond was delayed by days or even months and the editors could easily suppress those responses or select the weakest response while pretending to be fair. In that world Handgun Control, Inc./The Brady Campaign was in the “drivers seat”. They controlled the message and whatever fantasy they wanted to believe became, in essence, reality.

With the presence of the Internet those days are gone. Reality isn’t optional for them anymore. They are being forced to deal with the facts and with the facts being incompatible with their view of the world they have a crisis on their hands. They could adapt to reality but that isn’t really an option for them. They have far too much invested in their fantasy world.

Imagine you have invested 20 years of your life in the belief in a flat earth or the moon is made of green cheese. You spread your word far and wide and you have been the darling of the media and many politicians all this time. Then astronauts land on the moon take pictures of a round earth and bring back rock samples of the surface. You have two options: 1) Change your beliefs and admit to the world you have been spreading falsehoods for decades; 2) Insist the trip to the moon was a hoax.

The “psychological cost” to admit an error of such magnitude is far greater than believing in a massive hoax. To protect the belief there was a hoax and to prevent followers from deserting the data must be suppressed. With the presence of the Internet that is nearly impossible except within a very small domain. Within the domain of control expect even the slightest deviation from their “true belief” to be dealt with as harshly as possible. It gives them back a small taste of the control of their world which they enjoyed for so long and have now lost. They know what it is like to have control and they yearn for it again.

This is why anti-gun people are so violent. If they had guns or even political power they would be extremely dangerous people. —Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robb Allen

  1. I think the problem with the Brady group is that they only deal with guns. There are many other groups that deal with guns as a sideline like the groups against gang violence, against domestic violence, against murder in general.

    When is the NRA going to take on the anti-gang groups?

  2. Ubu, as soon as they change their name to the National Anti-Gang Association.

    And the problem with the Brady’s is that they’re wrong, bigoted, and actively attempting to undermine the safety of millions of people.

  3. Given that the anti-gun forces (and I include Ubu in this) avoid anything that actually targets gangs, gang members, or their revenue stream, in favor of laws that disarm the lawful people who are victimized by the gangs.

    If you live in the gang ares of Boston you simply can’t AFFORD to buy a gun because even a $100 shotgun is going to cost you $300-$700 in fees, and club dues before you can even set foot in a gun store.

    So instead these people just have to wait to be shot, or move from their homes (many of which have been in the family for generations before the Gangs moved in)

    People like the Brady Campaign and Ubu52 are PRO-Gang and PRO-Criminal, no matter what they say.

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