Quote of the day—Jeff Cooper

Rumor has it that Sarah Brady is being put forward by the Shooting Industry Magazine as “saleswoman of the decade.” It is quite obvious that Sarah has done more to boost the sale of personal arms than any person in recent memory, and she should be appropriately honored.

Jeff Cooper
From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 2, No. 4
22 March 1994
[This is in response to Ken in the comments here who suggested Clinton popularity and success meant people didn’t buy guns for fear they would be taken away shortly. And that the surge in sales at about the same time as Obama was elected were due to the Heller decision and not the threat of Obama.

But it that were true then why was there a big surge in sales during the first part of the Clinton presidency? I was there at the time. I was one of the people buying my first guns. Nearly everyone I talked to about guns were buying things they were afraid would soon be outlawed.

If you read the book Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun you will find a similar thing happened with Glock pistols. Politicians and anti-gun people started talking about it being a “terrorist gun”, “invisible to X-Rays”, and they should be banned with the result the factory couldn’t manufacture them fast enough to keep up with the demand.—Joe]

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  1. Cooper, as usual, knew exactly what he was saying. I too bought my first gun during the Clinton years, because I figured I should do it while I still had the chance. Gun shows were popping back then too. It was a Bonanza. When Bush 43 was elected, the gun show atmosphere relaxed, people took a deep breath and sales flattened. Then 9/11 happened and sales picked up again. 2008 was a very good year too. Anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business commenting on the subject at all.

    Get a clue– human nature isn’t all that terribly complicated. Tell an American what he can’t do, and he’ll do it for the first time, in your face, just out of rebelliousness if nothing else. Push us enough and we’ll push back. We’ve been pushed, poked and prodded for so long that some of the less attentive on the left must be thinking we’re easy prey. That would be a dangerous assumption. The Marxists think they’ll benefit from chaos, but far more likely they’ll be the first ones against the wall if they get their way and revolution comes.

  2. I bought my first firearm because of the lying bastard in the WH.

    Another is soon to follow.

    Fast and Furious should make every real American buy one!

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