Peterson Syndrome example

This is from Canada:

Karen Vanscoy’s 14-year-old daughter was shot and killed in 1996 by an acquaintance using a stolen gun.

“The proposed weakening of our gun laws will make it easier for those at risk of committing acts of violence either towards themselves or others to acquire guns,” said Vanscoy.

She is complaining about the possible elimination of the long gun registry. How in the world does she think the Canadian long gun registry would have prevented the murder of her daughter?

It’s Peterson Syndrome. She is incapable of logical thinking.

And of course the writer (an “independent journalist covering social justice events”) doesn’t give any time to the violated natural rights of firearms owners.


5 thoughts on “Peterson Syndrome example

  1. The ruse of course is that we’re supposed to feel so compassionate toward the victim that we completely fail to think. Simultaneously we’re supposed to feel like a piece of crap if we’re even tempted to cross examine the assertions of a distraught victim, and to fear the social ostracism that we’re conditioned to expect if we speak up.

    Put up.
    Shut up.
    Don’t question (you heartless bastard).
    Embrace the stupidity (you know you want to – it’s easy afterall – come on, Charlie. Come to Candy Mountain!).
    Or else.

    This is the power of victimhood in the “social justice” (Marxist) movement, and it’s why I’ve said many times that victimhood– real, genuine, beautiful, wonderful, rich and delicious victimhood, is so deeply cherished, sought after and uplifted with such passion by the left. It’s their gold and diamond currency and they mine it, mint it, wear it and show it off with a greedy, lusty fervor.

    And hey! It’s worked extremely well, it continues to work extremely well in some quarters, and so they’ll keep on with it because we’re goddamned Suckers. “Feed the hungry, cure the sick, help the poor, house the homeless, lower the sea levels, clean the air, help the women, help the racial minorities, help the children, teach the ignorant, and all it takes is to give us more power to confiscate money and “plan” the economy, ignoring basic human rights, and if you disagree you’re a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe who wants to poison the air, poison the water, starve children, torture animals, torture people, let criminals run wild, kill the planet and kick old people out onto the streets with no food or medicine, you sick fuck!”

    Yup; it works every single time, with Democrats of course, and with Republicans too, because we’re all frightened, vacuous, confused, retarded, sick little cowards who prefer an easy, comfortable life at someone else’s expense over a harder yet rich and meaningful life.

    It’s that simple. We’re intellectual, moral and social cowards, and so I suppose we deserve whatever Marxist-catalyzed destruction and ruin we get when we can’t stand up for basic principles. And what the heck; maybe the destruction and ruin will get to me last, or better still, maybe someone else, some hero, will fix things before I have to face it head-on…

    You all know exactly how this works. Even you trapped, dead-inside Marxists know it. I know you all know it because you all play along with the ruse, Sillies, and you couldn’t play the ruse unless you understood it.

  2. Lyle knocks it out of the park per usual. I will also add that the “When your only tool is a hammer…” Maxim comes to mind as well.

    People like Joan Peterson think that banning guns will save the world…and when it doesn’t ban more guns. Its the only tool in their tool box, and the only gear their mind can be set in.

    So Joan’s sister was murdered by a psychopath under a protective order, who had a shotgun and a revolver, and in a time when Concealed carry was illegal.

    …and banning Assault Weapons, Private Sales, Conceal Carry, Campus carry, etc etc have all been brought up as somehow relevant to her sister’s death.

    Its all she knows, and all she’ll ever know.

  3. It’s at times like this I feel embarressed to be a Canadian. I promise that we are making progress however. There is still hope.

  4. “Simultaneously we’re supposed to feel like a piece of crap if we’re even tempted to cross examine the assertions of a distraught victim, and to fear the social ostracism that we’re conditioned to expect if we speak up.”

    The funny thing is, though, that this can work both ways. If you’re distraught after losing a sister, then how would you feel about losing both parents in one day? That’s one reason why Suzanna Hupp’s story has a particular force behind it.

    Of course, when Suzanna set out to act, she demanded Concealed Carry, because she did her so-called “duty” and left her gun in her car that fateful day, rather than try to disarm everyone, so that even more people can become victims to deranged individuals who are out to kill us.

    Come to think of it, people who are about to commit violence–whether it be by gun, or by knife, or even by fist and club–will send out certain signals broadcasting what they are about to do. How much safer would the world be if the Brady Campaign would focus on teaching other people how to recognize those signals, and how to avoid such people–and perhaps even how to “de-escalate” a situation that might get bloody? How many lives could have been saved, had they focused on individuals, rather than instruments?

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