I thought they wanted national licensing

John Lott makes a great point:

For decades, treating licenses for guns like those for cars was something that gun control advocates wanted.

And now that congress is debating making states honor other states concealed carry licenses, just like drivers and marriage licenses, gun control advocates are about to have aneurisms.

I say let them have their aneurisms. As crazy, irrational, and inconsistent as they already are the extra brain damage probably wouldn’t be noticed anyway.


8 thoughts on “I thought they wanted national licensing

  1. If they were really like other licenses, I could walk into a gun store in Montana and see a gun I liked and walk out with it like I can in Texas. That would be an even worse fight than 822 is going to be.

  2. This bill is never going to get by the senate. This is a prime example of the Republicans in congress pandering to their base. They are collecting paychecks while they play around with this huge time-waster.

  3. Keep in mind that the purpose of licensing is to keep you down, not to allow you to do things.

  4. Joe,

    Wrong. It provides political cover for those who need votes from gun owners. In exchange, something the Dems want is going to come up for vote.

    Bottom line: The whole thing is bogus BS designed to keep the voters thinking their reps are doing something.

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