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  1. To a liberal mind, that’s true. Libtards believe there’s a lack of gun control. This scheme was cooked up to address that issue, in Obama’s words: “under the radar”. So, in that sense, the statement is true…

    Won’t keep Holder out of prison though. Of course, the totally corrupt system with accomplish that in any event.

  2. anon beat me to it; it was the lack of total gun control which necessitated the delivery of guns to evil people by US government officials under color of law through the violation of virtually every existing gun control law.

  3. “Mexican prison I hope.”
    In a just society, we’d be dealing with this perfectly well right here in the U.S. and the AG wouldn’t be the only one being brought to justice. The big fish, The Mastermind, The One, would go down along with him, and anyone else who knowingly played a role. That we’re even thinking of Mexico shows how far we’ve fallen. It is a nice picture though (extradition) I have to admit, but it would highlight a catastrophic failure of our own system.

  4. Let me get this straight. The ATF specifically instructs gun dealers to disregard the laws already on the books. In some cases, ATF agents make the straw purchases for the cartels and hand deliver the guns (I like to imagine with a bow and a thoughtful card attached). Then they blame a lack of gun control for all of this.

    We all knew that gun control was the reason this whole operation was conceived, but I didn’t expect Holder to come right out and say it.

  5. In a just society fully 90% of our elected officials at all levels would be in prison. Our law enforcement agencies would be public servants and our armies would not be killing innocents around the world calling them collateral damage. JUSTICE is when sane laws APPLY EQUALLY to ALL PEOPLE. Government is NOT the answer to ANY problem it is the PROBLEM.

  6. Well, after a fashion, he is right – the government’s lack of control of the guns of its respective agencies is to blame for this disastrous series of “operations”. Alternatively, the people’s lack of control over their government (and its property, including guns) could also be to blame.

    Unfortunately for Holder (and Obama, and…), though, we know exactly who is responsible.

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