Quote of the day—Janet Reno

The most effective means of fighting crime in the United States is to outlaw the possession of any type of firearm by the civilian populace.

Janet Reno
U.S. Attorney General during the Clinton administration
[Ms. Reno was mistaken. Had such a law been passed there would have been a great deal more “crime” than she would have imagined or been able to handle.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Janet Reno

  1. I have read with interest your continuing series of quotes from the golden era of anti-rights gun control.

    The illogical, nonfactual, emotional pleading of that time worked for several reasons, of which I can guess at a few. What were those reasons, exactly, from your perspective? A limited media, colluding with the anti-rights program? Fairly uniform government support at all levels for their cause? A moribund citizenry unresponsive to this threat to fundamental rights? Successful demonization of the pro-rights side?

    Further, a summary of the reasons for their former success would be very interesting to me, because I lived through it and yet never have I understood how it happened, or why it was supported so strongly.

    Why have they not changed their once-successful tactics, now that their effort is in retreat? Is it because they have used the only methods that will ever work for their cause, or is it because as “progressives” they are stuck using a limited intellectual toolbox and don’t realize that better methods exist? Or are there some other reasons?

    What could they do that would work, or work better than their lame current efforts, and how can it be stopped if they do change and do better than they are? Or at least, without encouraging the b@$+@^?$, how can any other, novel efforts of theirs be thwarted in advance of an attempt to use them? How can they be hurt now?

    Last, how can they be driven into the same historical category as the KKK, which ended its days as an effective political and social movement having their properties stripped from them in civil cases, their leadership condemned to prison in criminal cases, and their public support completely destroyed, forever?

  2. Those are a lot of very interesting questions that would take a lot of effort to answer and even then how would one know if the answers were correct? The only question I feel comfortable answering now is the one about why they have not changed.

    They have tried to change. I’ll enumerate their changes some other time but basics of why they stopped being successful are that they are on the wrong side of the facts. Change that doesn’t address that will not have any long term success.

  3. Thank you for the thoughtful response. I agree that they are on the wrong side of the facts, but they do not argue using actual, verifiable facts. So I guess for a while they had that going for them!

  4. mikee,

    I would disagree. They would put out propaganda to a complicit traditional media. The ‘facts’ were shrouded in inflammatory terminology like ‘assault weapon’, ‘cop-killer bullets’ and ‘pocket rockets’. It was only after a MASSIVE PR campaign in ’94 by the NRA and the advent of the internet allowing another message to bypass the MSM that the gun control message started to erode.

  5. Is Janet Reno as stupid and un-American, as she is creepy ugly?

    I had not heard her quote above before, but now I have my answer. A resounding “yes” to all three!

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