Quote of the day—Richard Samuel Najjar

…[P]olitically motivated entities like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Handgun (formally Handgun Control, Inc.), the oddly named Violence Policy Center, and Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Handguns rely on discredited studies that were rejected elsewhere, or by pulling numbers out of thin air to craft an argument while they attempt to smugly and piously stand in the way of continuing reforms. Gun control was a failure. Gun control is dead. It’s time to bury it once and for all.

Richard Samuel Najjar
October 1, 2011
Comment to Cause and effect or coincidence? Gun control scrapped …crime plummets
[The only nit I have to pick with this is I wouldn’t say gun control is dead. As long as there exists an anti-gun organization with fulltime staff or an electable politician that supports gun control we have work to do.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Richard Samuel Najjar

  1. Gun control is no more dead than communism, as stated by the poster with the skulls you have posted elsewhere on your blog.
    Gun control will only be dead when everyone recognizes its harmfulness as everyone recognizes the harmfulness of the Volstead amendment or chattel slavery.

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