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Their extremist rhetoric against the Tea Party is outrageous. People who peacefully participate in the political process are not terrorists. Let me say that again, since important things are worth repeating: Peaceful participation is not terrorism.

This is an administration that won’t call terrorists, terrorists, but they have no problem slapping that label on the American middle class, which kinda lets ya know who they really regard as being the enemy.

Hint: It’s not the jihadis, with whom they share an anti-American agenda. It’s the people who want America to succeed with whom they have a problem and with whom they do not share an agenda.

If we’re terrorists, then shoot us, or shut up and stop making fools of yourselves!

August 8, 2011
Comment to You’re all a big bunch of meanies!
[As son James pointed out after I showed this comment to him last night, “Well… we are their enemies—ideologically.” Yup. And as Lyle (and here) and history frequently points outs, when the left starts loosing they do crazy, scary, violent stuff. We may be headed for those times where they do treat us as terrorists. The rhetoric is ramping up for it.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Chas

  1. “…shut up and stop making fools of yourselves!”

    That’ll never happen. The socialist cult is incapable of shutting up, or leaving people alone, and it always makes a fool of itself along with anyone who gets entangled with it. It’s a giant, stinking, predatory blob of creeping evil and mass destruction. You can’t expect evil to shut up and stop making a fool of itself. Ever.

    Nor can you defeat evil with more evil. Unless it commits suicide, you can only defeat it with good. (Eesh; I’m starting to sound biblical, huh?)

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