Quote of the day—Chris Cox

They don’t have the statutory authority to do it and we’ll file a lawsuit as soon as the first letters are sent.

Because the American people don’t approve of his gun-control agenda, he’s trying to circumvent Congress. The whole thing is a distraction away from the gross incompetence that we’ve seen in this Fast & Furious scandal…The truth is a $40 billion criminal enterprise is not going to be worried about paperwork violations. This is not a serious attempt at controlling the drug cartels.

Chris Cox
NRA Legislative Director
July 11, 2011
NRA: New Gun Control? We’ll Sue
[What isn’t explicitly stated is that the requiring the reporting of gun sales cannot be done by executive order. A change of this type requires legislative action.

It’s as if President Obama believes he is Dictator Obama and can go around fighting wars and creating laws without regard to the existence of the legislative branch. Oh, yeah. He might actually believe it and is doing that.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Cox

  1. Mr. Cox doesn’t appear to understand. Refering to the the handling of operation as grossly incompetent is being extremely generous. Yes; Fast and Furious was handled with gross incompetence, but that is the BEST part of it. The gross incompetence is what led to them being caught. We are lucky that they were so grossly incompetent, otherwise they might have gotten away with it.

  2. It’s sort of like blaming a criminal enterprise for being incompetent. OK; they’re incompetent. Those dirty bastards. Shame on them for getting caught and all, but what about the fact that they’re a criminal enterprise? Isn’t that about eight hundred thousand times worse?

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