Something to keep in mind

I did not know that:

Police said a hotel worker found the guns inside a trash can around 9 a.m. and alerted police. Both guns had one round in the chamber and two in the clip.

Police called the ATF, who ran the serial number. According to the ATF and FBI, the way the gun was loaded is consistent with a professional hit.

My hypothesis is the “ATF and FBI” either didn’t say that or are just making random stuff up.


6 thoughts on “Something to keep in mind

  1. I thought the preferred FBI and ATF method of professional hit either involved snipers shooting at unarmed women or armored vehicles used to start fires.

  2. NOTHING says “professional hit” like one in battery and two in the clip!…..or… it two in the battery and three in the clip?

    And what the hell are we talking about clips for anyway? No indication an M-1 Garand was involved, right?

    Those Nancy-boy journos and their counterparts in the ATF/FBI can’t even keep their “gun talk” straight!

  3. Two rounds in the clip (just one clip for each gun I guess – I carry 15 clips for my AR, and about a hundred for an SKS) but strangely no word about the magazines (I carry an undisclosed number of magazines). And what’s up with the loading of a magazine from a clip and leaving two rounds behind? Someone must’ve been in a hurry. Maybe that’s the evidence of a professional hit. Do professional hitsters load in a great big fat hurry?

    (Just tryin’ to take the experts at their word here, you know)

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