Quote of the day—Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence

There is no legal basis to the idea that the Second Amendment protects the right of an individual to take up arms against the government.

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
June 7, 2011
The Truth About ‘Second Amendment Remedies’: How to Counter Insurrectionist Arguments
[I see. Are they saying there is no law, no act, no outrage so terrible that the individual has no legal option but to endure it?

It seems to me people of that mindset are inviting a future which resembles the worst of our past and the most dystopian of our visions. When the police are again the KKK and the police battalions become executions squads will the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence still be advocating for compliance?

I can only see two possible reasons for these people to make such claims. Either they are either incredibly naïve useful idiots or they are advocates for tyranny.—Joe]


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  1. I think it’s a “healthy” mix. The ones at the top, who call most of the shots & have most of the big ideas, are the would-be tyrants. There are a few who have figured it out but figure that they will be more-equal pigs than the rest of us, and then there are a much larger number of useful idiots. The middle category consists primarily of those who are just smart enough to figure it out but not quite smart enough not to be duped by the first category.

  2. You gotta stop with the benefit of the doubt, Joe. By this time tomorrow, it will have been over a hundred years they’ve been trying this nonsense. It has all been thoroughly debunked and demystified. The consequences are known and cannot honestly be termed unanticipated. Ignorance of the laws of reality just can’t be taken for an excuse any more. And their claims as to their motives are unpersuasive and disingenuous at BEST.

    There can be no doubt about it: in the choice between stupid and evil, pick evil. It’s the safer bet.


  3. I just finished watching some footage of the Holocaust atrocities and would like to remind everyone that Hitler came to power through the ballot box and then subverted the German laws to create the murderous Nazi regime.

    Anyone who says that it could never happen in America is both STUPID and EVIL since they ignore history and strive to create the same disarmed condition for the citizens. If I had to chose only one, Mark is right, they are EVIL.

    Never again!

    Molon Labe!

  4. I have an additional thought for CSGV, BC, MAIG, and the rest of them. Since firearms deter genocide, let’s do a little math exercise.
    32,000 “Gun Deaths” annually (wildly over-estimated since they count suicides, lawful shootings, etc).


    6,000,000 (that’s 6 million) innocent people killed by the Nazis in the Holocaust

    …how long until these reach parity?

    6,000,000 / 32,000 = 187 years before the bogus “Gun Deaths” equals the human cost of gun control.

    So, gun-grabbers, please shut up, mind your own business, and come back in 187 years to continue this debate. Of course, then we will be arguing about Type I versus Type II Phasers (that’s a freebie for the Star Trek nerds out there).

  5. Mr. Lynch,

    I like your analysis, but let’s take it a step further. Let’s compare death rates: Take the beginning of the Holocaust to be roughly 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland (the so-called “Final Solution” dates to 1942, but the killings started sooner–so this provides a fairly rough estimate, but if anything skews the numbers in favor of the anti-gunners). 1939-1945 represents 7 years. 6 million divided by 7 yields ~860,000 deaths per year–but that’s just the Jews. If we include other victims (listed from the Wikipedia article on the Holocaust) the Romani, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other political and religious opponents, we get 11-17 million dead. If we estimate conservatively, divide 11 million by 7–that gives us a round 1.6 million dead per year.

    Compare 1.6 million/yr to 32,000/yr: we are talking about 2 orders of magnitude worth of difference–the comparison is not even close! I’ll be the first to say that 32,000 is 32,000 too many, but I’ll take 32,000 (overstated estimate) over 1.6 million (conservative estimate) IN ANY GIVEN YEAR, without hesitation.

  6. Of course the above 32,000 figure also counts justifiable deaths, e.g. those resulting from gun usage in legitimate self-defense, which further overblows the figure. By contrast, none of the Holocaust victims deserved to die in that sense.

  7. Are they saying there is no law, no act, no outrage so terrible that the individual has no legal option but to endure it?

    That’s precisely what people like GEERnst of Potowmack.org say. There’s no such thing as a sovereign citizen, says he. Only Government and drones, apparently. How dare we suggest that reserving the ultimate veto to ourselves is a valid act!

    Oh, and the Nazi’s killed in excess of TEN million people in the death camps. Six million were Jews. The rest were other so-called untermenschen – the mentally retarded, homosexuals, gypsies, etc. Anybody they didn’t like.

  8. All excellent additions in my opinion. Thank you everyone!

    I restricted my little number crunching exercise to just the Jews in the Holocaust (not the only victims as noted) and it is damning enough of their incredibly restricted focus on “gun deaths”. It is the “throw the baby out with the bath water” error by looking at the modest misuse of firearms versus the benefits.

    If we look at all of the totalitarian governmental purges/pograms/genocides in just the recent past (e.g. the Nazis, communists, racial/religious factions with governmental support) then we are talking about mind-boggling numbers of 100-200 million innocents killed. In nearly all cases, the civilian population is disarmed and unable to provide any meaningful resistance to “relocation” or “re-education camps” or being herded into mass graves. It is sickening.

    So, my moral judgement of gun-grabbers rests on their contribution to the vulnerable status of citizens as they set the stage for these depradations in the future. They MIGHT mean well, but the results of their labors is to set us up for a repeat of dark episodes of our history.

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