Quote of the day—Paul Helmke

The sad reality is we really don’t do much of anything to prevent the bad guys from getting guns. It is harder to get cigarettes and cough medicine in this country…than it is to get guns.

Paul Helmke
May 19, 2011
Police Chief Dodd says Chattanooga can’t arrest its way out of the gang and gun problem
[Wow! Lying comes so easy to him. Since when do people need to fill out a government form and submit to a background check from the FBI to buy cigarettes or cough medicine?

It appears he has no shame or suspicion that nearly everyone will know he is lying. Could it be the money he earns or is he a sociopath?—Joe]


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  1. Well… You DO have to bow, scrape, and tug the forelock to get permission to own nasal decongestant. Does that count?

    Not sure why one follows the other. The point isn’t to further restrict liberty on guns, but to restore it on drugs.

    Helmke just wants to be a f#%*ing little fascist and that’s all there is to it.


  2. Since when do people need to fill out a government form and submit to a background check from the FBI to buy cigarettes or cough medicine

    Here in Michigan the wise ones decided that we did indeed need to show ID and fill out a government form to get cough syrup. And you’re limited to 2 boxes a week. Unless of course you have a prescription pad in your car….. 😉 (the pharmacists do not like you when you do that)

    It has done nothing to stop the meth heads. Its so easy to cook up meth, any University that sells its surplus lab equipment for pennies on the dollar will have a few shady looking folks hoarding rotary evaporators at the surplus store.

  3. “It appears he has no shame or suspicion that nearly everyone will know he is lying. Could it be the money he earns or is he a sociopath?”

    I’d bet mostly the paycheck….but in his position he HAS to have looked over all the available data, as well as crime reports for areas that relax their gun laws.

    He know what he proposes will get good people killed, and make life worse for lawful people, and not affect dangerous criminals a wit.

    That you need to be a bit of a sociopath.

  4. He’s not a sociopath. Not, at least, a pure one. I think he’s just a whore who considers his nice paycheck more valuable than his personal values. He may believe some of the crap he spews but it is obvious if you watch the man the delivery is that of a practiced politician reciting a script. He’s a paid actor, nothing more. That some form of gun control fits into his worldview as a elitist above the pettiness of the common man is simply a bonus. I see him exactly the same way I see any progressive who believes only the “right people” have a right to firearms. And you aren’t the “right people”.

    I believe if the paycheck dried up, he’d latch his wagon to whatever cause came along that could match or outdo it. In a fun world, it would be interesting to dangle a million dollars a year from a pro-gun supporter or group in front of him and see if he bites and changes his tune 180 degrees. I’d give better than even odds he might do it and then use his past statements as a stating point towards his new “enlightened” values.

  5. Matt,

    I bet you’re right. Now the question is, which is cheaper and more effective, buying these folks off or fighting the laws in court? Unfortunately I think there is just enough grassroots support on the other side for that not to work. They would just hire someone else, and–however limited their funds are–they wouldn’t be paying out for every one we were, so we would end up running out of money first.

  6. Matt; There are plenty of people who’d pretend to be anti-gun for a short time, just for the million dollars offered by the pro-freedom fund. You get what you pay for, and if we offer money to be anti-gun, that’s what we’ll get. Buying off the mob is a bad plan.

    Better yet is to find ways to make them pay for being anti-gun (anti-liberty). Lobbying against American liberty, in America, should be very costly indeed. Working with such lobbyists as a Congressman should be even more dangerous. There are plenty of ways make that a reality. The Second Amendment Foundation spends most of their time on law suits, for example. If you want to hand out cash, give some to them. Criminal charges are not out of the question either. 18 USC 242 provides for the death penalty for depriving people of rights under the color of law, when it results in death. There are just such cases, ripe for the picking.

    These whores or sociopaths (I don’t care which – that’s a question for the criminal psychologists) WILL NOT QUIT until it becomes sufficiently dangerous for them to practice their mischief. That’s something we all have to understand going in. You can’t reason with them, you can’t plead with them, you can’t compromise with them, and you can’y buy them off. They’re criminals. They belong in jail.

  7. Interesting article. Just about everything you need to know about the gun control movement is contained here. A few things I noticed:

    1) By Helmke’s own admission: “the things that government does in terms laws and through the police department is really only the third line of defense in fighting crime.” The first line of defense is to reach out to the individual through faith and education. The second is to strengthen families and extended families so that people have a support network.

    Incidentally, I agree with Helmke on these first two lines of defense. If we want to have a long-term decrease in violence of all types (although we all know only gun violence is a problem), we need to change hearts and minds rather than the contents of gun cabinets (I assume Helmke would disagree with that last bit). This is hard to do. So what does the Brady Campaign do? They focus their entire effort on this “third line of defense,” completely neglecting the first two.

    2) “…as Helmke said, the existing federal and state laws don’t really do much to deal with the problem.” This shocking admission, along with the Lie of the Day is followed by Helmke’s bold proposal: to do exactly what he just said doesn’t work, but with slight variations.

    Brilliant! Just brilliant.

  8. I genuinely have to wonder if Helmke has ever attempted to purchase a firearm himself… or observed the transaction personally.

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