Quote of the day—meus_ovatio

I don’t think Mr. Huffman is capable, much less trustworthy, of “protecting innocent life”.

April 26, 2011
Comment to Democracy vs Totalitarianism: Hiding Godwin in the closet.
[It’s odd how people who have never met me or my family think they are qualified to make such sweeping statements with such certainty. But it shouldn’t be surprising. There are large numbers of people that find facts and reason obstacles to their belief systems. This is just one more example.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—meus_ovatio

  1. He called you infamous, but you are famous in all the correct circles. Have a great Boomer Shoot!

  2. I went and read all the comments on that post. There were some serious folks making some serious arguments about the probability of insurrections in these days, and of their success. Modern technical society is really quite fragile and depends to a great degree on trusting other people to deliver the food from a thousand miles away, say, or stay on duty at the power plant, etc. Any nation-wide breakdown of trust, could have very icky consequences.

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