Quote of the day—Joshua Horwitz

Now that there is proven resolve to keep military-style weapons off of America’s streets, we hope Congress and the President will get behind a truly effective assault weapons ban – one that includes ‘copycat’ weapons just as deadly as those already banned.

Joshua Horwitz
March 2, 2004
Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
CSGV Claims Victory in Defeating Gun Immunity Bill
[As is typical with anti-gun people, their claims are usually worthless. The “Gun Immunity Bill” later passed and the “assault weapon” ban expired a few months later.

Also I would like to point out that the AWB was created and passed on the basis of “menacing looks”. Then they turned around and wanted to ban guns that matched the “assault weapons” in terms of “deadliness”.

So anything with a menacing look should be banned. And then 10 years later anything that is the functional equivalent of something that looks menacing should be banned as well.

Does that mean Michelle Obama should be banned because she is the functional equivalent of Hillary Clinton 15 years ago?—Joe]


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  1. What about the ones deadlier than already banned? I never saw any (serious) push to outlaw those, even in the darkest depths of the normal weapons ban…

  2. About spring 2008. Somewhere between the primaries and the DNC. Did you miss the memo?

  3. Dusty weeps to think about Michelle Obama as a future senator or Secretary of State.

  4. I suppose it does no harm to engage these people on the merits of their arguments — as slight as those are — but I can’t help thinking it does no good, either. Their arguments are invalid on their premises, so treating with the details is an exercise in futility.

    Might as well be a FAIL Blog category: Anti-gun Premise. Your argument is invalid.


  5. And again, as constant as the rising sun in the East, the anti-right klan asks for “Just one more law”…one more and we will have Utopia!

  6. @ubu52,

    Explaining the joke spoils it but I’ll do it anyway. It wasn’t so much that Hillary was banned (but her national health care efforts at that time certain could have been considered banned) it was her menacing looks.

  7. I realize this borders on being OT, but I have to wonder about what the US would look like if we’d lost the gun control battle in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

    “Alternate history” stories usually focus on huge events going the other way: Hitler wins WWII, the South wins the Civil War, the Brits defeat the American Revolution. Yet I honestly think that many of these smaller events may actually be just as crucial.

    What if the Internet had been a few years behind where it actually was, so that the Smith & Wesson boycott had failed, and the rest of the gun industries had been forced into Clinton’s draconian gun control scheme?

    What if this had been seen as the nail in the coffin of the Second Amendment, and the Republicans had abandoned the issue?

    What if Al Gore had gone on to win, without the 2A to galvanize his opposition in crucial swing states?

    What if the 9/11 attacks had still occurred–no reason to think otherwise–and President Gore had used them to push through gun registration, a nationwide ban on concealed carry, and on ownership of small arms?

    What if resisters to the draconian laws had been tagged as “al Qaeda sympathizers” and actively persecuted, leading to uprisings around the nation?

    (I’ll stop here–these particular events seem to me quite likely, bordering on certainty, given the initial assumption about the Internet, but anything further would be highly speculative).

    Sorry for going off on a dystopian tangent–just making the point that things could have been far worse. With all the problems our nation faces today, I suspect that we’d be living in a particularly nasty tyranny with some relatively small changes in history.

  8. Ken
    Gore might have stopped 9/11 as the Clinton administration left behind plan for dealing with AQ that the next administration ignored. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB147/index.htm Basically it was to squish them like bugs and anything they had touched including their US based assets. Durning the Clinton admin there were attacks in both directions going on. He hit the towers (we did not know it was him at the time), The Cole in Yemen, Various embassies in Africa. We tried to take him out with cruise missile in Afganistan at least once and there were on going money hunts.

    This is not to knock the rest of what you say Ken

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