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Giving federal agents a tool to trace guns isn’t going to solve the problem of violence at the border, but it may help identify those who are supplying brutal drug gangs like the one that killed a U.S. immigration agent and injured another one this month in Mexico. As modest as the ATF’s plan is, it’s far better than what Congress is offering: the continued flow of instruments of death across a dangerous border.

Los Angles Time
February 28, 2011
Editorial: Tracking the gun-runners
[The “layers of editorial oversight” in this paragraph is a vacuous as deep space and the irony packed into this approaches the density of a neutron star.

If Congress wanted to do something about those that continue the “flow of instruments of death” which ended up being used to kill the U.S. immigrations agent I would be all for it. Congress disbanding the ATF and turning the agents responsible for this over to prosecutors would suit me just fine.—Joe]


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  1. BATFE does not need any more “tools”, the BATFE is the one that is “walking” guns into Mexico

    February 23, 2011.
    Gunrunning scandal uncovered at the ATF.
    Program aimed at stopping the flow of weapons from the US to Mexico may have allegedly had the opposite effect.


  2. Joe,

    After I posted my link, I realized I posted the same CBS link, my bad.

    Dave Workman of “Seattle Gun Rights Examiner” & IIRC the Second Amendment Foundation posted links to this scandal some time ago, I’ve been sharing the links on several forums too. Also
    “Truth about guns” has several articles up on the subject going back to last December.


    Dave’s articles can be found here:

    Truth about guns articles here:

  3. As the communists have been saying; never let a good crisis go to waste. It follows logically then that they should never waste the opportunity to manufacture a good crisis. It’s just good policy. It’s what you do if you want to keep the funding coming in. Fanny Mae, Freddy Mack, AGW, and the entire War on Some Drugs are similar examples.

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