Shotgun Import Restrictions and the Federal Bureau of Sport

F-Troop wants to “study” the “sporting purposes” of some popular shotguns.  Maybe they’re desperate to justify their existence.  Maybe they’re just bored, or maybe they hate certain liberties enumerated in the constitution.  I don’t know, but it’s about time for Congress to look for ways to clamp down on F-Troop, and question the legitimacy of the Gun Control Act of 1968.  F-Troop, and federal gun restrictions, are relics of the 1920s Prohibition era, and it’s about time we explore ways to rid ourselves of that ugly legacy once and for all.  Short of that, we should at least be able to keep it from growing until we have the votes in Congress to eliminate it.

ETA; Hat tip to Uncle for pointing to the NSSF article.


2 thoughts on “Shotgun Import Restrictions and the Federal Bureau of Sport

  1. Sad thing is, you and I have heard this song and dance before. This tune sucked back in the ’80s, it sucked in the ’90s, and it sure isn’t a “Golden Oldie” today. Wonder how much of our tax money will be wasted on this “Study”?

  2. Bubble; maybe you should apply for a federal research grant to help “study” the issue. It could take months, or even years, and who knows how many staffers, shotgun purchases, and truckloads of ammo? I’m pretty sure you’d need several fine, English and Italian double guns for comparison, along with multiple versions of Saigas and…well the list is practically endless. This could run well into the millions, what with the necessity of doing some intercontinental travel, hiring guides and such, to explore just what real “sport” is, with shotguns. ‘Course you’d never attend an IPSC match in the U.S.

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