Quote of the day—Exodus

Meredith strikes me as the kind of person who reads dystopian novels as though they were instruction manuals.

I mean… that’s some serious “keep you up at night scary” reprogramming she’s advocating.

January 28, 2011
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I think it is because they don’t have any sense of history or they believe the big lie that “if only the right people were in charge”. They just don’t understand that, in the most simplistic terms, all power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely and that every class is unfit to govern.—Joe]


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  1. I think Meredith wrote that kind of “tongue in cheek” and didn’t really mean it. Funny you guys took it and ran with it.

  2. Funny how when petty authoritarians let their masks slip for a minute and people call them on it, it all suddenly becomes a “joke”. Rather reminds me of schoolyard bullies… “We were just playing…”

    As for Meredith, the next time some petty authoritarian makes disparaging remarks about conservatives/libertarians being concerned about “re-education camps”, at least we now have something concrete to point to… and people wonder why we are so touchy about any attempts to infringe on the Second Amendment!

  3. ubu52,

    If it was tongue in cheek it is usually accompanied by some indicator such as /sarcasm, /rant, or *joking*. Sometimes a nazi reference will also work to indicate a joke.

    Like this one; Paul Helmke, Joseph Stalin, and Adolph Hitler were in a bar. Stalin said, “In my country the Army goes from house to house and rounds up guns.” then takes a swig of vodka. Hitler says “In my country we convinced the public to register their guns and then turn them in voluntarily” and down a shot of schnapps. Paul Helmke twirls the ice in his Shirley Temple and says “Thanks for the advice”.

  4. Hey thanks for the props! I’m quite flattered to be quoted on such a well respected blog.

    Aldous Huxley gave a lecture in Berkeley in 1962, and in that lecture he basically says that Brave New World and 1984 were not warnings or cautionary tales, but were competing theories on how to control the masses. He also says much worse.

    You can listen to the lecture yourself. It is pretty unnerving.

    So yeah, when I see people like Meredith talking the same talk, I tend to take it as seriously as if a stranger walked up to me in a dark parking lot and said “You’d better give me your wallet.”

    Obvious threat is obvious, as we say on the internets.

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